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How To Get The Best F1 23 Controller Settings

F1 23

The new F1 23 game is out, and you don’t know which controller settings you need for Xbox, PlayStation or PC. In our video, we explain how to set the best controller settings for F1 23 in just under five minutes.

It’s been one month since F1 23 launched, the official F1-licenced games by Codemasters and EA have been enjoyed across the hardcore and casual racing game space. With F1 being the most high profile motor racing series in the world, many people who play the games aren’t just the dedicated sim racers.

Therefore it’s important that the average casual gamer can play on a gamepad. As much as us dedicated sim racers with our expensive wheels wish the games were optimised for that hardware, the games need to cater to everyone.

After all, it was our video editor ChampionJoe who said the most used wheel in the world was the joystick.

Optimised for Controller

For the pad players, our very own Marvin Miller went through the thankless task of finding the ideal settings. The first thing he tells us is how to change the ERS button function in order to make it more user friendly, setting the calibration, how to utilise shortcuts for the Multi-Function Display and mapping essential functions.

Do all of this and you will be well on your way to having the best experience that a player with a controller can have on F1 23.

Many players both who use controller and who use a wheel have reported that F1 23 is a significant step up from the previous year’s title. The developers have made improvements to the handling model, meaning the cars aren’t as sensitive to throttle application and there’s more grip going through a corner.

If you played F1 22 on the controller and you didn’t enjoy it, maybe it’s worth getting the new game as it’s said to be a dramatic improvement.

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