An Alfa Romeo F1 car side by side with a Red Bull F1 car.
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How to Get the Perfect F1 23 AI Difficulty

F1 23

The age old question of which AI difficulty best suits you on the F1 game. We have deciphered a technique that can help answer that.

We have all had the same problem at some point when you load up a race on the F1 game. You pick a car at the tail end of the field like the AlphaTauri and you’re multiple seconds quicker. That’s not realistic! Raise the AI difficulty, hop in a Red Bull. Then, somehow, you’re multiple seconds off 19th.

Where do you find that perfect middle ground? Well, it will take a bit of work. But we believe we have a good idea on how to find the best AI difficulty.

Lewis Hamilton in the selection menu on F1 23
Select a driver whose teammate will be a good reference. Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

A Good Benchmark

To find the best AI difficulty, load up a race at Barcelona with short qualifying with your usual AI difficulty. Pick any driver to race as and you’re going to compare them to their teammate. Therefore, pick a driver who has a strong teammate. We selected George Russell, since the reference point is Lewis Hamilton, with over 100 wins and seven titles to his name.

Barcelona has its fair share of low, medium and high speed corners so it serves as a good balance. Then you want to run as many qualifying runs as possible with the soft tyres available to you. To get the best lap times, always do one out lap with ERS deployment off, turn it to hotlap whilst going through Turn 11 before doing one push lap, then return to the pits.

Two bars featuring Lewis Hamilton's name, one on top saying he did a 1:14.154 laptime, the other saying he did a 1:14.694
Lewis Hamilton’s lap time on 90 difficulty (top) vs. 80 difficulty (bottom). Image credit: Codemasters / EA Sports

At the end of the session, compare your lap time to your teammate, then back out and load up the Grand Prix again but increase the AI difficulty by ten if your teammate set a slower time, or decrease by 10 if they set a faster one.

Our best lap time was a 1:13.929. Take note of your teammate’s qualifying time compared to the best one you set, since we aren’t machines and will not always set identical times. Once they’re setting a lap time similar to your best or roughly close to that, then you’ve found your perfect AI difficulty.

If you’re still exceedingly quicker than the AI on 110 difficulty, then you’re just too good and need to attempt to qualify for F1 Esports. But, for the average player, there’s an AI difficulty setting for you and hopefully you can find it.

What AI difficulty do you use on F1 23? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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