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How to Level Up the Podium Pass Quickly in F1 22

F1 22

The Codemasters F1 games titles introduced a Battle Pass equivalent two years ago. So what are the best ways level up the Podium Pass on F1 22?

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Back on F1 2020, the first version of the Podium Pass was implemented. This was a tiered system that would reward players with items for continuously playing the game, including car liveries, driver suits, helmets, podium celebratory emotes and victory radio calls.

For this year’s title, the F1 Life mode has seemingly taken over the Podium Pass. Now players can nab themselves casual clothing and decretive items for their apartment along with the usual batch of items that have come to be expected from previous games.

During F1 2021‘s lifecycle, custom liveries and items were designed by F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell. Also some by content creators such as Aarava, Tiametmarduk, MaximeMXM and TheGamingTerroriser.

Let’s say that in a future series of the Podium Pass, there’s an item you really want. But you don’t want to buy any PitCoin to tier up. How do you go about levelling up?

Earn XP through Challenges

When loading up the Podium Pass (which is found in the Player Hub), there is a tab called Challenges. Menus labelled Standard, VIP and Series are presented which all have tasks that can be done in-game.

Standard challenges provide 250 XP and are refreshed every day. There are four that can be done and can be relatively simple, such as loading up Photo mode at a certain track. VIP challenges can only be accessed if the Podium Pass VIP is purchased for 9,000 PitCoin (which unlocks the items in the lower section of the Podium Pass).

The XP that can be earned can either be 600 or 750. They are all separated into eight weeks (which is how long the Podium Pass series lasts) with a set of eight being made available in weekly intervals. Some being more difficult perhaps than others.

A menu with three options for Standard, VIP and Series challenges
There are Standard, VIP and Series Challenges. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

One for 750 XP involves taking pole three times with AI difficulty set to Hard, whilst one for 600 XP requires embodying Ayrton Senna at Donington by starting fifth or lower in heavy rain and taking the lead on lap one.

Then there are the Series challenges which last for the entirety of the current Podium Pass series. Six challenges are available for four different types of gamemode, those being Solo (Grand Prix, Time Trial), Career, Multiplayer and Weekly Events. These give out the most XP, with some being 1,000 and some being 1,250.

Again, some are more achievable than others. In the Multiplayer series challenges, winning one online race can net you 1,000 XP, but there’s also some challenges worth 1,250 XP asking to do three online races without colliding. Yeah.. knowing the people who famously try to wreck everyone in F1 game races, may be tricky.

Onboard from F1 22 Monaco at night-time with a menu saying Challenge Complete.
When you meet the criteria during a race, a pop-up saying ‘Challenge Complete’ will appear off to the side. Image credit: Codemasters / EA

These are the best ways to level up in the Podium Pass. The game will say during a race if a certain challenge’s criteria is met so pick and choose which challenges are achievable and see which items you want to earn in the Podium Pass.

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