How to Level Up your Sim Racing Accessory Game

How to Level Up your Sim Racing Accessory Game

When getting yourself set up to race, don’t forget about specialised clothing for your hands and feet.

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Everybody knows all about the big pieces of sim racing hardware. Seats, wheels and pedals are something that every sim racer wants There are plenty of different opinions out there on that sort of thing. However, one thing that people often overlook is what they are putting on two of the most important factors in any sim race: their hands and feet.

Getting the Right Gloves

Starting off with the basics we have sim racing gloves. There are several manufacturers out there who provide gloves especially for the purpose of going racing, whether it be virtually or in the real world. If you’re racing on a gamepad you probably won’t have the need for gloves, but on a serious sim rig with a force feedback wheel, you may find yourself getting blisters on your hands due to the strength of the vibrations.

The best way to avoid this? Pick yourself up a pair of sim racing gloves. On top of their utility, they make you look more professional as well. If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you might find a tenth or two here or there.

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Speaking of feeling good, why not consider picking up some gloves which allow you to contribute towards a good cause? Whenever someone purchases Sim Hound’s Rainbow racing gloves, a £10 donation is made to Racing Pride, an organisation that aims to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity within motorsport.

Which footwear should you use?

So, we’ve established that you need a good pair of gloves to reach your sim racing zenith, but what about other items of clothing? If you’re going to be in a sim rig for hours on end, your feet are going to be doing a lot of work on the pedals. Why should they deserve any less protection and care than your hands?

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When it comes to footwear, there are two avenues you could potentially take. You can either go for some all-out sim racing footwear, or you can settle for something a little less professional in the form of regular sports socks, such as football socks. Good sim racing socks can be a significant difference maker, both in terms of comfort and performance, plus you will look the part! That being said, such socks may be a bit outside of many people’s price range, in which case some good old fashioned football socks will certainly do the trick.

What is a simracing shoe?

As with socks, when searching for the perfect sim racing shoe, a thin sole so that you can get the best feeling through the bottom of your feet is essential. Also important is that your shoes are made of some kind of breathable material, or else you risk getting sweaty feet and not only is that unpleasant for you (and those around you), but it also may inhibit your control over the pedal as your feet may begin to slip. Finally, your shoes also need to be, of course, comfortable. Nobody wants to be wearing uncomfortable shoes for a long endurance stint.

Photo credit: Puma

There are quite a few different options out there. You can find purpose made sim racing shoes, which look similar to the boots you see real life racing drivers wearing. However, if you don’t want to go quite so hard with your shoe selection, any comfortable, breathable trainer which was designed for running should do the trick. Just make sure the sole isn’t too thick!

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