How to make amazing liveries on Gran Turismo Sport

How to make amazing liveries on GT Sport

Ever wanted to know how best to make liveries on Gran Turismo Sport? We have put together a guide to help you personalise your cars.

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When Gran Turismo Sport was released in late 2017, there was one particular feature that very few predicted would become about as popular as the actual driving itself: the Livery Editor. On the game, you can take to applying your cars with unique paints and decals, and even share them with tags relevant to the work you’ve done so others can find them. A while after the game’s release, this customisation was expanded to helmets and suits too.

Whether you want something outlandish or a replica of a livery you’ve seen elsewhere, you will always be able to find one that suits you. But what if you can’t find exactly the right one for you? Well that’s where we come in. Here’s a guide to help you make your own liveries on Gran Turismo Sport, which will potentially also serve as a guide for when Gran Turismo 7 is released.

Decals Grand Tourismo
Throw in any key word and you will find loads of decals of that theme. Photo credit:

Stock up on decals

If you go to the “Discover” tab ingame or on the website, you can save decals based upon a search term. Alternatively you can upload your own. To do this you’ll need to make them SVG files, so if you have something like Adobe Illustrator you can use that to do so. Do keep in mind though they also need to be below 15 kilobytes.

If you are not of a graphic design disposition though, fear not as there will most likely be a lot of pre-existing decals for what you have in mind. There are also base colours you can select from the Paint section, special colours that you can pick up in the Mileage Exchange, and also plenty of specific colours you can find if you search for them as decals.

Get used to the tools

When applying decals, play around with the tools. Use the projection area to see where the decals appear on the car and how much you want them. With this tool you can also extend the area over which the decal is placed.

Projection Area Grand Tourismo
If a decal projects beyond where you want it, you’ll need to play around with the Projection Area. Photo credit: Polyphony

If you go into “Layer Options”, you can flip your decal horizontally or vertically, you can even perfectly replicate it on the other side of the car if you so desire. You can also change its colour if possible, and also if you go into the “Edit” section, you can skew the image by holding L1 to tilt it back and forth.

When it comes to putting the decals on the car in the first place, you can pick a projection method. Whether you want the decals to align with the surface of the car or if you want to get to a part you otherwise would have difficulty getting to, like the underside of the halo on the Super Formula car. That’s where the “Align with Camera” option works as you can angle it so a certain decal appears in an isolated area.

Projection Methods Grand Tourismo
Left: Using Align with Surface projection method. Right: Using Align with Camera projection method. Photo credit: Polyphony

As soon as you get used to it all, the liveries will end up making themselves!

Share your work

When you’re done, you can share your work to the community. When saving the livery, give it a fitting name and you will then be given an option to publish it, so that others can search for and enjoy it. People will search through key word tags, of which you can give your creations up to three. To ensure your creation gets noticed, boil down your livery to the very basic details.

For example, you’ve created a livery based upon an F1 team, you’ll perhaps want to put the team name, the name of the driver of that car, maybe a prominent sponsor or a safe all-encompassing bet would be F1 itself.

Tags Grand Tourismo
If you want as many people to see your work, go for the most appropriate tags that will help your work be seen. Photo credit: Polyphony

You are now ready to make liveries on Gran Turismo Sport for your cars, helmets and overalls. Happy creating!

What are some of your best creations using the Gran Turismo Livery Editor? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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