5 Tips to Succeed in F1 2020 My Team

5 Tips to Succeed in F1 2020 My Team

My Team is the biggest new addition to the F1 franchise this year and we will give you 5 tips to become a pro at the new game mode.In our previous guide, we already showed you how to get started in F1 2020’s new flagship game mode. But this time, we came up with a guide full of helpful tips on how you can achieve sustained success in My Team.

Do you play My Team in Codemasters’ latest F1 game? Learn about all the tricks you need to know for My Team in F1 2021!

1. Don’t hoard your money

One thing a player with a tighter wallet might be tempted to do is to save up some money. That can result in delaying critical implementations or upgrades to your facilities. Ideally, your income is higher than your spending. Upgrading your facilities assures it stays this way.

The facilities
The facilities determine how far your parts can develop.

As a general rule of thumb, you should look to upgrade your facilities once your balance is about 20% above the upgrade price. Some upgrades seem more useful than others. Improvements to personnel only seem necessary if your team-mate is performing poorly. But if that happens, there is another place for you to start.

2. Make changes when necessary

The driver’s market is crucial if you feel like there is no chemistry between you and your team-mate. If you have the financial possibilities, you can go on the hunt for another option. To find the best replacement for your current colleague, you have to look out for both a cost-efficient driver and obviously one that performs well.

drivers market
On the drivers market, you can scout for fresh talent or simply assess other options.

For starters, it seems favorable to recruit someone who will immediately help you improve your finishes. Later, you can look for a talented racer with lots of potential once you have consistency yourself.

The comparison feature
The comparison feature allows you to see your team-mate side by side with other drivers, who are available.

You should, however, be wary of the relatively high buyout fees some racers have. You can turn your finances upside down if you make a wrong decision. So sometimes it is best to keep your mate and wait for further development.

3. Don’t die for your identity

It is perfectly acceptable for your team to have an area that is more developed than others — a specialty or an identity, so to say. But don’t just focus on one part only.

Over the years, the R&D tree has primarily stayed the same in F1 games. In F1 2020 it seems comparable to the previous year. Based on experiences from the last years, it is safe to say that if you only put your points in aerodynamics, you will end up with a hyper-specialized car that works in fringe cases, rather than in general.

The R&D tree
The R&D tree is there to upgrade certain parts of your car. The further you go into one side of the tree the more expensive the upgrades get.

The best option seems to be to have a clear goal in mind: “I want to be the fastest on straights.” After you made up your mind, you can work towards that goal.

But if you find yourself with dramatic disadvantages in other areas, you should consider a temporary change of plan. Generally, one or two upgrades for a side-focus is the way to go.

4. Manage expectations of partners and sponsors

An unhappy sponsor is a short-term sponsor. Most of the time, you won’t win a Grand Prix straight away. Acquiring sponsors with high hopes can lead to some disappointment, if you can’t match the expecatations. So if you have to decide, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Realistic goals
Realistic goals revolve around getting points as a team and lower top-ten positions.

However, balance is the keyword. If you set your expectations accordingly, you will benefit from doing so. If you always go for the lowest available option in terms of partnerships, you will lose out on potential money. Manage your goals well and try to reach them as often as you can.

5. Don’t let damage ruin your races before they started

This tip might seem straight forward, but you should be wary of possible wear on your engine parts. If you don’t do that, it could cause you to perform significantly worse or it could lead to the disablement of specific options, for a short amount of time.

If you get the warning that some parts are worn out, it is already too late to change them for an on-going race. Generally, parts only have a detrimental effect on performance once they are worn out more than 50%, so consider changing them as they approach this point.

Longevity is a constant mission of upkeep
Longevity is a constant mission of upkeep.

Be careful with the management of parts, though. If you change a part too often, you will get a grid penalty for the following race. Towards the end of the season, that might be necessary, though.

Should you need to replace a part even though it would give you a penalty, it is recommended to change every part at once and start one race from the back of the grid, rather than getting three or four penalties in separate races.

If you ever feel like you are stuck on My Team or want a general heads-up to focus on, this guide will provide you with that.

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