Bringing us to the present day, Assetto Corsa Competizione makes you ask the question: "Where do racing sims go from here?" The game features breath-taking graphics and realism as it covers the GT-Sports class of endurance racing. The game is optimized for esports racing, and multiple professional series will use the platform as a base this year and next. Looking at the picture, you can see why. A Ferrari heads a pack of GT3 cars winding it's way along the track, trying to stay on the grippy racing line. Driving games have come a long way since Out Run – it's exciting to wonder what the next 30 years will bring.

How to practice in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Our expert Jardier gives you game-changing tips on how to properly exercise in Assetto Corsa Competizione!

Photo credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Us racers, we know there is always room for improvement. But sometimes, you just come to the point where you have the feeling that you cannot keep up with other drivers, despite all the hard work you put in. Well, maybe it is time to make a change to your training program.

Our friend and simracing expert Jardier tells you how to practice as efficiently as the pros in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Improvement comes from taking a step back

In our video, Jardier explains how sometimes it can be very useful to take a step back. Instead of grinding laps on a track over and over again, he recommends watching replays of your race to get a change of perspective. He gives the example of a friend, who was flummoxed by his slower lap times. But, when the friend watched his replays from another camera perspective, he noticed he was not using the full track, and therefore not driving the best possible racing line. That was something he could never have seen from his cockpit.

Jardier recommends that you not only look at your replays yourself, but that you also share them with friends as getting feedback is crucial if you want to improve. Sometimes, they will spot mistakes you would never have noticed yourself.

Another lesson Jardier learned for himself is that pushing yourself to the limit in practice isn’t helpful at all. Your brain needs time to reset and to process everything you learned while practicing. That is why Jardier recommends that you divide your practice sessions into shorter runs and give yourself time to relax as well. Progress will come!

Get faster with better shifting and analyzing the telemetry

Apart from these tips, Jardier has a few more tips on how to get the maximum out of your practice. In our video, he speaks about how improving one certain shifting error in corners will make your lap times significantly faster and how you can make efficient use of the telemetry analysis tool in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Check out the full tutorial on our YouTube channel now!

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