Improve your lap times in F1 2020 with James Baldwin

Improve your times in F1 2020 with James Baldwin

Pro racer James Baldwin teaches you how to drive a world record lap at the Suzuka Circuit.

Photo credit: F1 2020

Racing has many enjoyable aspects, but in the end, only one question matters: who was the fastest on the track? To help you make sure that the answer is “well, of course I was the fastest” in the future, we have prepared a special tutorial for you.

As no one has greater expertise than the World’s Fastest Gamer James Baldwin himself, the British esports and real world racer shares his tricks and tips on how to set a world record breaking lap at the Suzuka circuit in F1 2020.

Follow James’s steps and set a new world record

Preparation is key for your best performance, so James teaches you everything from the very beginning. Which setup is the best for the track? Tires, brakes, aerodynamics, suspension: everything needs to be perfectly adjusted.

Then you have to choose the fastest car, which in F1 2020 is of course the Mercedes. Go ahead and prepare the track with a little trick that James reveals: knock over the bollards on the final chicane. This way, you can cut the corner a little bit more in your record lap.

Now it’s all up to your skill. The pro driver explains how to nail each corner, where exactly to brake, when to go full throttle and which gear to shift in. For example, when you approach the first turn, you go full throttle until you reach the 50m sign. Go in flat, and when reaching the apex, you hit the brake. You also need to apply engine braking as this feature is extremely powerful in the game, and it’ll help to fix the understeer. In general, always make sure to do any heavy braking or accelerating in a straight line so your wheels won’t spin.

Right after that, go down to third gear and switch up to fifth before the apex of turn two. And with that, you know how to nail the first two turns – now there are only 16 more to master. So get ready to improve your lap times and become the hero you’re meant to be!

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