Most important Apps for online sim racing

Most important Apps for online sim racing

Ready to pimp your online racing experience? Improve your performance and make your pit stop strategies easier with these helpful apps.

Photo credit: Kunos Simulazioni

Racing games are fun – and extremely challenging when competing against other talented drivers. So we’ve collected some of the most useful apps that can make your life much easier when racing online. From fuel calculators to car radars, every major racing title has some helpful goods to offer.

Heli-Corsa, The Race Essentials and CBV fuel calc for Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa features a plethora of amazing apps. We highly recommend that you test ‘Heli-Corsa’ from the modder Akis. This feature shows all surrounding cars within a certain radius of you, so you have the perfect overview. It’s a tool that can be especially beneficial for those playing with a single screen setup.

Another great addition to your equipment is ‘The Race Essentials’ which is a multipurpose HUD. This app shows you any data that you need while driving, including fuel, tyres, lap times, gearing and much more.

Speaking of fuel, the right management is a crucial yet complicated element in any racing game. With ‘CBV fuel calc’ by cerebralvortex, you can make this matter much simpler. The app calculates how much fuel you need to get to the finish line and takes into consideration your past fuel consumption. The calculations are based on time rather than on race laps.

Racelab for iRacing

Those how prefer racing in iRacing should try out Racelab. The feature lets you customise the look and functionality of your overlay. This includes current standings, a fuel calculator, a car radar and much more. If you’re a content creator, you might also want to check out the features for livestreaming, such as the implementation of a live chat.

Sim Hub and XIV – Assistant for Assetto Corsa Competizione

ACC enthusiasts should take a look at ‘Sim Hub’. The program works with several racing games and has hundreds of overlays to choose from. For ACC users, we definitely recommend the fuel calculator ‘XIV – Assistant’. The tool tells you how much fuel to carry for your next race, how your pit window looks and by how much you should refuel.

Otter-Hud for RaceRoom Racing Experience

Finally, it’s always a great idea to go with an otter: the ‘Otter-Hud’ by modder OtterNas3 equips you with another all-in-one package. You can select a position bar, a relative display, a TV Tower for live broadcasting, delta and tyre information, fuel calculation, a car radar and much more.

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