MotoGP 20 guide: Brno hot lap with esports champion AndrewZh

MotoGP 20 guide: Brno hot lap with esports champion AndrewZh

MotoGP esports world champion AndrewZH shows you what it takes to drive record times in MotoGP 20.

Image source: MotoGP

Andrea “AndrewZh” Saveri knows what he has to do on a virtual motorcycle to get the fastest laps around any track. In our new tutorial, the defending MotoGP esports world champion uses his expertise to help you improve at MotoGP 20.

How to take corners correctly

For this lesson, AndrewZh takes us to the Automotodrom Brno. One of the most important things when it comes to hot laps is passing through corners. From changing gear to correct steering, there are many aspects you can practice to improve your time. Watch the world champion and learn.

On the Brno track, there are some very difficult corners that are hard to master. You will need to practice until you can carry optimal speed through them. As always, timing is key. If you brake too early or steer too late, it might just cost you the lap.

If you watch and listen closely to our Italian expert, you will soon be able to drive some amazing times in MotoGP 20.

You should also check out AndrewZh’s MotoGP tutorial about how to set up your bike correctly.


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