MotoGP 20 guide: Setting up your bike with AndrewZH

MotoGP 20 guide: Bike Setup with AndrewZH

Andrea ‘AndrewZH’ Saveri reveals how to prepare your bike for MotoGP 20.

As the 2019 MotoGP esports world champion, Andrea ‘AndrewZh’ Saveri knows that a successful race starts long before the lights go out. In our tutorial, he reveals how best to set up your bike to ensure success on every track.

Preparation is key

There are many subtle modifications you can do to your bike to improve the handling and make your lap times faster. Andrea guides you through the various changes you can make and the effects they will have. From tire choice to ride height and even brakes – just the smallest alteration can make all the difference.

Adjusting the gears to suit the track

According to Andrea, one of the most important adjustments is to the gear ratios. The adjustment you make depends heavily on the type of track you are on; fast tracks with long straights require very different settings from tight, twisty ones. It sounds complicated, but luckily, the Italian is on hand to help out.

So check out the video to discover how you can become a race winner!

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