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No More Setup Work: Coach Dave Delta Gets You On Track with a Single Click

Even for experienced sim racers, setup work can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming. Fiddling with countless adjustments for hours is a thing of the past with Coach Dave Delta: The tool ensures you are out on track in seconds without having to worry about damper rates or tire pressures in Assetto Corsa Competizione – and now in iRacing, too.

Being competitive in sim racing does not exclusively boil down to setups, but a quick baseline can help a racer’s confidence immensely. Coach Dave Academy offers setups to combat this already, but downloading and installing the fitting ones with each update to the simulation of your choice can be a hassle.

Focus on Driving, Not Engineering

To get racers out on track faster, Coach Dave Delta takes care of this automatically: The tool recognizes when a session is running and immediately installs a selection of fitting setups so they can load them once they are in the in-game garage. This way, the need to search for new setups every time a sim has been updated or adjusting them for different track temperatures, for example, is completely eliminated.

Delta acts like a sim racer’s personal engineering team – all they need to do is get in the car and drive. This also levels the playing field for those who do not know how to setup their cars, as well as those who simply do not want to invest a lot of time into setup work. Simply launch a session and the setups are automatically ready for use.

Coach David Perel himself appreciates this capability immensely: “Using Delta in my league races had made my time racing so much more enjoyable as I don’t have to spend a second thinking about setups. In the case of ACC, the setups are loaded with the tire pressures automatically adjusted”, states the professional GT3 racer. “I don’t know about you, but I never want to deal with managing tire pressures, and Delta solves this.” For iRacing, tire pressure adjustments are not part of Delta, but all the other advantages are included as well.

More than Setups

The tool’s setup database is continuously updated so drivers always have setups for the most recent versions of ACC and iRacing at their disposal. “Our setups are quick, but still drivable”, says Perel. Racers can configure exactly what is installed to fit their needs, and Delta also comes with telemetry, replay files and hot lap videos to compare their own laps to and improve their driving.

Along with the newly-added iRacing support, a brand-new UI design has launched for Delta. Subscribers of Coach Dave Academy have free access to the tool, so the days of downloading setup packs and manually unpacking them into the correct folder for ACC or iRacing are over – a single click in Delta is enough to go racing without having to worry about setups.

For more details, head to the Coach Dave Delta website where you can also find out what else is planned for the tool in the future, as well as pricing info.

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