Ride 4 vs. MotoGP 2020: Which one is better

Ride 4 vs. MotoGP 2020: Which one is better?

What is the difference between Ride 4 and MotoGP 2020? Find out in our video!

Photo credit: Milestone S.r.l.

Ride 4 is finally here and with it, hundreds of bikes and tracks for you to explore. Motorcycle enthusiasts are now spoilt for choice as Ride 4 as well as MotoGP 2020 both have many positives. But which one is best for you? In our video, Jay from the YouTube channel Riotbox checks out both games and finds out all about their similarities and differences.

A new contentder to the throne?

For the longest time, the MotoGP series has been the alpha and omega among motorcycle simulations. However, there is a new contender to the throne: Ride 4 accepts the challenges and tries to give the genre a different spin. As the challenger has also been created by developer Milestone S.r.l., fans can expect a solid motorcycle game.

While MotoGP’s career mode is quite linear, which is still a lot of fun, Ride 4 takes a different route with a more dynamic progression system. In one of the many regional leagues you compete for money and XP which you need to advance to the more difficult stages of the game. It’s exciting to choose the way you progress through the career until you unlock the superbike league and endurance challenges. It’s a much deeper career mode experience compared to MotoGP, even when it lacks the authenticity of the official license that only the official MotoGP game can offer.

Also in terms of graphics, both games have much in common, as they share the same engine. But which title offers the better package? Find out in our video!

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