Six tips to improve in Forza Horizon 5 multiplayer

Six Clutch Tips for Forza Horizon 5 Multiplayer

Forza Horizon 5

In this guide, we tell you how to improve your racing and multiplayer experience in Forza Horizon 5!

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The festival is well underway and there are tons of exciting things to do in Mexico. Races, drift contests or epic battle royales in The Eliminator, Forza Horizon 5 certainly doesn’t get boring in a hurry. But the real festival feeling is created when you play together with other people. How will you become the king or queen of Mexico in Forza Horizon’s multiplayer? Here are six quick tips to improve your experience!

Focus on two cars at the start

This advice is especially for players who are new to the Forza Horizon franchise. If you are not familiar with the game, it might be quite overwhelming at the start. Learning how to take part in events or how to unlock new features needs some time.

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So while you learn to understand the game itself, you do not want to overwhelm yourself even more by racing in new cars over and over, forcing you to learn the handling of each individual one. Instead, we think it’s best to pick just one road car and one off-road car for you to focus on during the first hours of your gameplay experience. Follow this advice and you’ll notice your driving will get better very quickly. Also, it makes the start of your Forza Horizon career way more enjoyable.

Check the weather and time of day

The time of day and the weather can seriously affect the handling of your car in Forza Horizon 5. At night, the asphalt cools down, which negatively affects the grip of your tyres. And obviously, rain is going to make things way more slippery.

Waether conditions
Watch out you do not get surprised by bad weather. Photo credit: Microsoft

But the weather can also affect the terrain of the map, as there are a lot of off-road sections to be raced on in Mexico. Therefore, you should always check the conditions ahead of every race to pick the right car and choose the right modifications.

Do not use auto upgrade

A car only reveals its true potential when you upgrade it. However, not everyone has the time to tune every car in their garage. While Forza Horizon 5 offers an auto upgrade feature for those people, we recommend not to use it.

Instead, you can browse for user-generated setups. In this feature, you can compare countless of different setups for your favorite cars and see how they will affect your drive. Once you found the perfect fit, you can load your setup of choice within seconds. These setups will always have an advantage over the auto-upgrades.

Customize your driving assists

Forza Horizon 5 offers a ton of assists to keep your car on the road. While these assists can be a great asset for beginners, they are also not perfect. Learning how to master braking or steering without assists can give you important advantages into and out of the corners. That is because assists will always prefer to slow you down a bit more than actually needed, in order to keep you on the road. Also, turning off stability control and traction control will make things easier in drift challenges.

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So, adjusting the assists according to your skill level might give you the slight advantage over your opponents that you need to win the race.

Use map filters to find your favorite event

Mexico is the largest map the Forza Horizon franchise has seen so far. The further you progress in the game, the more and more events and competitions you will find. Suddenly, you will find that your useful map has become a colorful and confusing mess.

In order to get a clear picture and an overview of your favorite activities, use the map filter. This makes navigating through Mexico way easier.

Learn how to drift

Drifting is quite a tricky thing. However, once you’ve got the hang of it and it becomes a habit, it can give you a big advantage in your online races. It would take too long to explain the basics of drifting in this article, so we linked you a great tutorial below.

To practice your skills, we recommend you head to the drift zones in Mexico. The challenges here are hard and it is very difficult to get the full three-star-rating, but the effort of learning how to perform perfect drifts is worth it in the end.

The festival in Forza Horizon 5 never sleeps, and there are tons of events to take part in. Time to travel to Mexico and win some races by using our quick tips!

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