MotoGP 23 has many assists but which are useful and which aren't?
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The Best Assists to use in MotoGP 23

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With the series’ latest release, MotoGP 23 introduces a new selection of assists. While they make the game more approachable, it’s difficult to know which assists are worth using and which will only hamper you. Here’s your guide to assists in MotoGP 23.

MotoGP 23, the latest iteration of the series by Milestone, released earlier this month kicking off a stream of annual releases. This time around, the game did its best to cater to every type of bike racing fan around, as well as players of all gaming experience levels. It does this through a variety of riding assists helping the rider stay upright on their bike.

But with so many rider aids available to use, it can be easy to get lost in the menus. In fact, simply finding the assists page can take a while. When it comes to selecting the aids and their levels, one’s mind can certainly scramble. With that in mind, let’s go through the menus together and find those all important assists to make MotoGP 23 a more enjoyable experience.

MotoGP 23 Rider Assists Menu

Before exploring the different options at one’s disposal when it comes to rider aids, it’s important to find the menu. Many players spend a lot of time searching through the Settings to find the Assists page. Ultimately their efforts come to naught, because the assists simply aren’t there. Unlike any other racing game, the rider aids in MotoGP 23 are only accessible in the Career menu or once in-game in the pits.

Whilst in the pits or navigating the Career screen, hit X on an Xbox controller (square on Playstation). This will open up the Game Experience tab where you will find all the assists and aids in MotoGP 23.

The Game Experience Page is where one changes rider aids in-game
The Game Experience Page is where one changes rider aids in-game – Image credit: Milestone

MotoGP 23 Bike Aids

Newcomers to racing games often see electronic aids as assists for rookies. Their immediate response to finding the screen is to turn them all off and drive without the arcade-y safety nets. Well, we’re here to tell you that most real-world bikes and cars feature Traction Control, ABS and ESC. That is certainly the case for MotoGP bikes.

So for the most realistic experience, you should run with all these settings firmly on. What one can do however is change the strength of each assist whilst riding on-track. At the bottom right of the screen is an MFD HUD element that allows one to, much like in ACC, alter the level of each electronic assist.

Bike electronics are available in the MFD
Bike electronics are available in the MFD – Image credit: Milestone

Using the D-pad, one can navigate this menu and increase or decrease the aid levels according to track conditions. Depending on the bike class, a certain model may lack certain electronic aids. Selecting Real Electronics Aids in the Game Experience menu will automatically set what is available to you depending on the bike.

Elsewhere, riding a bike is certainly different to driving a car. They are slower on the brakes, turning in takes a lot longer and one must be more patient on the throttle. As a result, it can be a good idea to use the simplistic Trajectory Aids for a practice session before going into a race. Just make sure to associate the trajectory with physical markers rather than solely using the graphics.

MotoGP 23 Neural Assists

Aside from the many realistic rider aids that feature on MotoGP bikes, the 2023 game features a number of additional assists. Introduced this year, Milestone calls them Neural Aids. Focusing on three main areas of riding a bike – braking, steering and acceleration – they act much like the basic assists of arcade games but in a more intelligent way.

Assisted braking and steering in games like Forza Horizon 5 may be intrusive. But, these Neural Aids in MotoGP 23 do a great job of making the player feel in control despite the assists. In most cases, one will only truly feel the assists kick in when you do something wrong. Put the intervention on Moderate and the game will only save you after making fatal errors. Even then, it won’t pull any magic tricks. The aids will simply execute inputs the player could, if they had the knowledge and experience.

This is why one might find a more satisfying experience by removing Neural Assists altogether in MotoGP 23. You will never truly learn how to control your bike with the safety wheels fitted. But at least you’ll have fun earlier on in your gaming experience rather than playing through an entire Moto3 season before understanding how to complete a crash-less lap.

Which assists do you use most in MotoGP 23? Will you turn any off or on after reading this guide? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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