The best Bahrain car setup in F1 2020

The best Bahrain car setup in F1 2020

With this car setup, you will fly past your opponents in My Team, Career and Online Competitions.

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Bahrain International Circuit is one of the most challenging tracks on the F1 calendar. The course located in Sakhir combines several long, high-speed straights with some extremely sharp and slow turns as well as fast corner combinations.

It is one of the circuits where the setup matters the most. While you need to prepare your car for the high-speed sections, you also require enough downforce to make it through the turns. Our setup tutorial will make your car ready for the Middle East.


In Bahrain, you gotta find a good balance between speed and downforce. That’s why we recommend setting the wing angles in the central portion, with a bit more focus in the direction of pace.

Front Wing Aero: 4
Rear Wing Aero: 5

Some professional drivers also recommend to open the wings some more and go for a 3/7 setting. You should try out which setup fits best for you.


To get the most out of Bahrain’s slow corners, you need perfect acceleration. But since Sakhir can be quite a tire-hungry track, we recommend to not lock the differential too much.

Differential Adjustment on Throttle: 60
Differential Adjustment off Throttle: 70

Suspension Geometry

We find the default setup of the car to be a good balance for Bahrain. It will offer you all the traction you need while being quite nice to your tires. If you’re good at saving them, you can also aim for a bit less toe and more camber.

Front Camber: -3.00°
Rear Camber: -1.50°
Front Toe: 0.10°
Rear Toe: 0.35°


This part of the setup might be the most individual one. You should try to find the perfect fit for your driving style and your way of tackling the circuit. However, we find the following suspension settings to be a good starting point. Make small adjustments as you drive more and more laps.

Front Suspension: 4
Rear Suspension: 3
Front Anti-Roll Bar: 7
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 8
Front Ride Height: 3
Rear Ride Height: 4


Bahrain has three hard braking zones in turns 1, 4 and 14. Also, turns 9 and 10 form one of the hardest braking zones in the entire Formula 1. This is why you need all the braking power in Sakhir. 100% brake power is a very common setting in F1 2020 which you should use fpr Bahrain as well.

Brake Pressure: 100%
Front Brake Bias: 56%


Once again, Bahrain requires a good compromise between speed and traction for this section.

Front Right Tire Pressure: 23.0
Front Left Tire Pressure: 23.0
Rear Right Tire Pressure: 21.0
Rear Left Tire Pressure: 21.0

Setups are always a question of personal preferences. Our setup makes your car ready to go really fast on the Bahrain circuit. However, perfection lies in personalization. Drive more laps and races on the circuit and tweak the settings step by step. Then you will find the setup that fits to your driving style best.

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