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The Best Thrustmaster T150 Settings For F1 2021

F1 2021

Here we will teach you how to set up your Thrustmaster T150 wheel and force feedback in F1 2021 to create the best racing experience.

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The Thrustmaster T150 is one of the most popular entry level racing wheels. If you upgraded from a gamepad to this wheelset, there is only one thing between you and a realistic Formula 1 racing experience: the correct setup of your wheel. So, in this tutorial, we will tell you the key settings for your Thrustmaster T150 in F1 2021.

As always, keep in mind that sim racing setups are always a question of personal preference. Our settings are not cast in stone and should be seen as a baseline that you can use to get a good start. In order to get the maximum out of your hardware, feel free to try and adjust our settings according to your needs.

Thrustmaster Software Settings for F1 2021

Before we get into the game, there are some settings in the Thrustmaster firmware to set up first. Open the Thrustmaster Control Panel and switch to the tab gain settings. Thrustmaster themselves gave out a set of basic settings for the T150, which we also recommend using. They are:

  • Overall Strength of all forces: 60%
  • Constant: 100%
  • Periodic: 100%
  • Spring: 25%
  • Damper: 0%
  • Auto-Center Settings: by the game

Setting Up Thrustmaster T150 Wheel Buttons for F1 2021

After getting everything done in the firmware, let’s now hop into F1 2021. The first things to adjust here are your button settings. Once again, we have to emphasize that settings can be very different depending on your personal preferences. But there are a few rules of thumb that we advise you to consider.

The Thrustmaster T150 does not offer as many buttons as other wheels on the market may do. However, it is crucial to make sure that each important function you need to use during a race has its own button. You don’t want to be activating the pit limiter with the same button as your DRS.

And secondly, make sure you have all the key functions close to the natural position of your fingers so that you can easily access them during a race without having to look away from your screen.

Wheel Input Settings for the Thrustmaster T150

Let us get to the calibration settings for your wheel in F1 2021 now. Generally, we recommend to not use any deadzone. If you notice your car is heading towards to the left or right while you hold the wheel in its initial position at zero degrees, you can try to add a bit of deadzone value.

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Since we are going with no deadzone, it can be useful to make your wheel a bit less sensitive for smaller inputs and more sensitive for bigger movements. Therefore, we recommend setting the steering linearity to a value between 10 and 15.

The T150 is able to perform three full wheel rotations with a rotation angle of up to 1080 degrees. However, F1 racing in not really a sport where you make use of this feature. Instead, we want to increase the steering saturation to a value of around 85 in order to get a rotation angle of 180 degrees to each side.

Keep in mind that linearity and saturation influence each other. Each time you change one of these values, make sure to adjust the other as well.

Pedal Settings

The T150 can be combined with numerous Thrustmaster pedal sets. In this guide, we focus on the settings for the basic pedals that are included in the T150 bundle. The pedal inputs are tricky to break down to certain values. There are often minor differences in the basic positions of the pedals, even on the same product line.

In order to find the correct setting for you, F1 2021 offers you the button test function. This helps you to quickly set up your pedals. Activate the test and take your feet off your pedals. If the HUD is showing a value above zero for your brake or throttle, add that value as a deadzone for the respective pedal.

Now, get your feet back on the pedals and push them in as if you were going flat out or doing some heavy braking. Your button test should show a value of 100. If it does not, add saturation for the respective pedal until both of them are at 100.

Force Feedback Settings

After figuring out the input for F1 2021, let’s adjust what comes back from it. Force feedback is supposed to give you exact information on the track surface and the grip of your tyres. Having it set up correctly is the key to a successful race. You can find more information on this topic in our dedicated tutorial.

For the force feedback settings, we recommend these values:

  • Vibration & Force Feedback: On
  • Vibration and Force Feedback Strength: 80
  • On Track Effects: 30
  • Rumblestrip Effects: 40
  • Off Track Effects: 20
  • Wheel Damper: 5
  • Understeer Enhance: Off

This is everything you need to know when using your Thrustmaster T150 in F1 2021. As we mentioned before, these settings are meant to be a good basis which you can build upon if you would like. After all, racing in F1 2021 only becomes truly immersive if you test and tweak the settings according to your own driving style.

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