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The Crew Motorfest: Money Guide

The new instalment in Ubisoft’s The Crew series has been with us for about a week. Of course, virtual cars are also rather expensive – so we came up with a handy The Crew Motorfest money guide!

Open-world driving game fans were treated to the newly-released The Crew Motorfest. It has received some positive feedback in regard to its handling model, and is seen as vast improvement on its predecessorThe Crew 2.

But even with the game being so new, the playerbase are keen to find out how to earn in-game money. So we went looking for all the best methods and came up with a handy guide. Here’s how to best earn credits in The Crew Motorfest.

The Crew Motorfest Money Guide: Legend Points

As you have been playing the game trying to earn credits, you may have missed a trick. Open up the menu and click the Main Stage tab at the top of the screen. This is achieved after playing through three playlists, so get that done first if you have not done so already. We recommend making one of them the Hawaii Scenic Tour, for reasons we will get to.

Once you have this unlocked, objectives will be handed out to you to complete in different game modes. Once you complete them, you can earn rewards including the Legends Points. That is when you can apply them in the Driver section on your Profile.

A menu in The Crew Motorfest with the text 'Welcome to the Main Stage'.
Play three playlists and you gain access to the Main Stage. Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower

To increase payouts in races, the option to apply Legends Points to is Rich – which is self explanatory. Every Legend Point you apply to Rich increases the payout rate by 1%, with a maximum of 20% increase in payouts.

It may not be a lot, but consider the following: If a race paid out 22,500 credits, 20% on top of that would bump it up to 27,000. So the bigger the payout of the race, the bigger the additional amount is.

The Crew Motorfest Money Guide: Change Settings

Next up, once you have completed a race for the first time, you can change the event settings when you go to run it again. If you enable the Clean Driving option, assuming you actually drive clean and not hit anything, you can nab a payout bonus.

But what if the AI are so difficult to beat? Well, by some incredible coincidence, it turns out you can lower the AI difficulty without affecting the payout. All it does is lower how much XP you receive, which may not be hugely important.

A pre-race menu in The Crew Motorfest with a tab saying Event Settings and an option called Clean Driving enabled
After doing a race for the first time, you can change the Event Settings. Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower

But it gets even better, because with custom mode enabled, you can drive one of your own cars. Say you own an Alpha GP open wheel car, for instance. You can then enter races with it and go up against road cars.

Of course, any quick car will do, and it won’t lower the payout at all. Go to Difficulty Options and the circles with a number followed by a /5, lower that down to the furthest left.

The Crew Motorfest Money Guide: Best Race

Finally! After much deliberation, we have now come to the race itself. Remember when we said you will want to have done the Hawaii Scenic Tour playlist? That is because the event you need is the Wonders of Ko’Olau Poko race.

When done the first time, it can take between five and ten minutes using a modified VW Camper Van. But with a really fast car, it could come down to less than five minutes to complete.

A menu on The Crew Motorfest for a playlist called Hawaii Scenic Tour, with the event Wonders of Ko' Olau Poko.
Make sure you’ve completed the Hawaii Scenic Tour to replay this race. Image credit: Ubisoft Ivory Tower

With the Legends Points in Rich maximised and the Clean Driving mechanic enabled, that’s roughly 40,000 every five minutes. So that works out to about 480,000 in an hour’s worth of driving, not accounting for having to load the race back up constantly.

Yes, we cannot deny that will get a bit tedious and repetitive, but it is effective! So if you are wanting to get the most money possible right at the start of Motorfest‘s life cycle, this is how you do it. Happy grinding!

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