These 4 games have the best force feedback so far

These 4 games have the best force feedback so far

Force feedback is the heart of each great racing sim – these games do it just right.

Photo credit: Assetto Corsa

Feel the car to steer the car! On the virtual and real-life racing track, a good connection between driver and vehicle is key to top performances. However, this is a peculiar point for virtual racers, as the way their cars’ movements and reactions are transmitted is not set in stone by the laws of physics. It depends a lot on the hardware they’re using, their platform and lastly on the racing game itself. Popular titles often vary in the quality of their force feedback, so we asked our community on Twitter for their opinions on the best racing games in terms of force feedback. Here’s what we gathered.

Kunos and the classics

An outstanding majority of votes in our Twitter polls went to two of the most popular games in both esports racing and casual gaming. Kunos Simulazioni is the unbeaten champion of force feedback in both Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione. The latter does an especially great job of depicting real-life physics as drivers can feel the inertia of their car on the track.

The more casual AC shares many benefits with its competitive sequel, but also has the advantage of older age. Its detailed force feedback is optimized for newer as well as older hardware, helping to satisfy the game’s large audience right from its release day back in 2014.

Two more games deserve a place in the limelight for their great force feedback. Even though Raceroom is far from the most played racing simulation out there, it does an amazing job of connecting car and driver. The game not only conveys tension and the car’s reaction to uneven surfaces, but also changes in altitude as racers drive up- or downhill. This is also something that rFactor 2 can do quite well – even though the game comes with a very complex UI to set up force feedback in the first place. However, once this hurdle is overcome, you would be surprised how well the sim lets you communicate with your vehicle.

Which game is your favorite game in terms of force feedback? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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