Track Guide: Master the F1 Silverstone circuit

Track Guide: Master the F1 Silverstone circuit

Here are our tips for mastering one of racing’s most iconic and historic venues – Silverstone.

Photo credit: F1 2020

Silverstone is the home of the British Grand Prix and the circuit that played host to the first-ever Formula 1 race back in 1950. The track has become a cornerstone of the F1 calendar, and it even ended up hosting two grand prix in 2020 due to COVID-induced disruption to the original schedule.

The track has undergone major re-developments and re-shaping since it first held a grand prix some 71 years ago. The most recent significant changes were introduced in 2010 with the start/finish straight moving to the other end of the track.

You’ll find Silverstone in pretty much any circuit racing game from F1 2020 to iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione, so here’s our guide to what you can expect from this legendary circuit.

Abbey, Farm Curve, Village, The Loop & Aintree

If you’re driving a modern-day Formula 1 car in qualifying, you can now take the first corner at Silverstone completely flat-out, but be sure to avoid picking up an unnecessary corner-cutting penalty.

You also need to watch for cars exiting the pits at high-speed through Farm Curve, especially with Village providing an overtaking opportunity if you’re brave – or stupid – enough. When you clear Abbey, square yourself up on the exit of Farm Curve for a hard braking zone into Village. Use all of the track as you swing through The Loop and Aintree and onto the Wellington Straight.

Abbey is the first corner
Abbey is the first corner before a series of curves that require all of the racer’s attention. Photo credit: F1 2020

Brooklands, Luffield & Woodcote

Diving down the inside of Brooklands can often provide a brilliant overtaking opportunity (as Jack Aitken showed in the 2019 Formula 2 sprint race below), if you can hug the inside of the corner and ensure that you’re ahead by the time you reach Luffield. If required, you can go side-by-side through Luffield and Woodcote, but it’s tight!

Brake just before the 50m board at Brooklands and use all of the track on the exit of Luffield.

Jack Aitken took the lead
Jack Aitken took the lead with a clean overtake in Brooklands back in 2019. Photo credit: Formula 1

Copse, Maggots & Becketts

You only need to briefly lift off the throttle through the legendary high-speed Copse corner but make sure you don’t run wide, or else you’ll invalidate your lap. In the race, on worn tires, this can be problematic, and you could soon find yourself with a time penalty for track limits violations.

Commitment and a bit of blind faith is required through the sweeping Maggots/Becketts complex. Entry and exit from these two corners are equally important with the best overtaking opportunity on the track coming in just a few corners’ time. In the words of F1 commentator Martin Brundle, make sure you “hug the inside of Becketts like your favorite Grandma”.

Copse is another tricky turn
Copse is another tricky turn – be sure to control your speed and not to run off-track. Photo credit: F1 2020

Stowe, Vale & Club

Just like Abbey and Copse, Stowe is another fast right-hander that you’ll need to commit to. You can usually brake later than you first realize, and you can use all of the road on the exit as you head into the Vale chicane.

It’s important to avoid clipping the kerb too hard on the entry and it’s equally important to avoid running wide onto the sausage kerb on the exit of the chicane. After the Club right-hander, it’s just a short run to the line to complete a lap at Silverstone.

The Vale chicane
The Vale chicane followed by the Club turn are the last hurdles before the finish line. Photo credit: F1 2020

What is your best tip for achieving the perfect lap at Silverstone? Are you a fan of the circuit? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg!

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