Events guide in TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 3
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TT IOM: Ride on the Edge 3 Events Explained

There are many different event types to participate in in TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3. Here’s everything to know about their formats and payouts.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 3 released yesterday as one of the most anticipated bike racers for years. Allowing fans to explore the entire island and participate in the full Tourist Trophy event, it is nothing if not a full game.

But, with the sheer size of the title comes a seemingly endless list of events to take part in. From official races to qualifying events and a plethora of challenges; it’s difficult to know where to start. In this guide, learn about the different types of event available in TT IOM: RotE 3 and what you win for completing them.

There are many events in the IOM TT ROTE 3 map
There are many events in the IOM TT ROTE 3 map. Image credit: Nacon

This latest TT game breaks events down into two main categories, both of which are available to join on the map and in free roam. In fact, one doesn’t necessarily have to ride to the event location before entering it.

IOM TT Challenge Events

Blue markers on the map show challenges. Aside from providing the player with Upgrade and XP Points, they serve little purpose in one’s game progression. In fact, they are mostly present to prolong the game. Four types of challenges exist.

Face-off challenges see you go up against a famous TT personality. Beat your opponent to claim the full payout of 14 Upgrade Points and 6,500 XP Points.

Face-off events put you against a famous TT rider
Face-off events put you against a famous TT rider. Image credit: Nacon

Task Challenges place you on the course with a number of tasks to complete. From not crashing to keeping on the track and beating a time or rival, these are the most complicated challenges in the game. Fail to complete one of the three tasks and you fail the challenge. Sometimes these can last over 20 minutes, so ensure you succeed on the first try. Passing the challenge rewards the player with 20 Upgrade Points and 5,000 XP Points.

Time Attack Challenges are all about setting a flying lap time within the time allocated. Five on these challenges are available to discover throughout the map. Each of which focuses on a loop circuit, be it the full Mountain Course or one of the four shorter layouts. These pay out 14 Upgrade Points and 5,000 XP.

Beat the time in Time Attack Challenges
Beat the time in Time Attack Challenges. Image credit: Nacon

Finally, several cultural landmarks are available to discover around the island. These are also marked with Blue Challenge markers although they provide no reward aside from some information about Manx culture.

Career Progression in Orange

Events shown as orange on the map are more integral to the career mode progression within your season. They come in pairs with a qualifying event leading you in to a race. However, you will often qualify on one course and race on another. So don’t worry about learning the track layout in qualy.

Qualifying events give you a half an hour practice session to learn the point-to-point sprint. You are then plunged into the qualy session which also lasts 30 minutes. Set the fastest time against nine other competitors and you will score 45UP and 6,500XP. Payouts drop progressively depending on where you finish in qualifying. The results also set the grid for the following race event.

Orange events help progress in your career
Orange events help progress in your career. Image credit: Nacon

After completing the Unofficial Qualifying Event, an Unofficial Race Event will unlock. This uses the grid formed in qualy but runs on a different layout. Just like qualifying, finishing higher up in the race will provide you with more UP and XP.

Complete eight pairs of Unofficial qualifying and race events and you will unlock the TT.

Final event: Isle of Man TT

Once you have completed the events running up to the main Tourist Trophy, it’s time to compete in the big leagues.

Depending on the class you chose at the beginning of your season, you will either take part in a four-lap Supersport race or a six-lap Superbike clash. In both classes, pitting every other lap will be crucial, otherwise you will run out of fuel halfway round the course.

The Tourist Trophy is the final event in IOM TT: Ride on the Edge 3. Once you complete it, you can either continue to race around the island in free roam mode or restart the game as a rookie.

Relive your TT experience

If you remember back to your first time playing IOM TT: Ride on the Edge 3, you chose to complete your first season in one of two classes. Whether you went through the career in Supersport or Superbike, it’s now time to relive the experience by completing all TT events in the other class.

It would be smarter to complete your first playthrough of the game in Supersport. These bikes are slightly slower and more compliant on the technical Manx roads. So your second time running through the career should be done on a Superbike. Feel the difference in grip and acceleration as you jump on the top class of machinery in the TT world. Finally, once you get to the Tourist Trophy end game, you’ll be able to fight for the Senior TT win, a dream of any bike racing fan.

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