How Field of View can improve your driving

How Field of View can improve your driving

We show you how to adjust your field of view setting to make you a better racer.

Photo credit: ChampionJoe

Some racers prefer a narrow field of view (FOV) to see the details of the track as well as possible, while other prefer a better view of their opponents with a broader FOV. But despite the different preferences, there is a correct setting for everyone and it can be calculated quite easily. For step-by-step instructions on how to calculate your FOV, check out the video!

The benefits of a correct FOV

When you have the wrong FOV setting, your eyes will have a hard time to adjust visually. Estimating speed, object sizes and distance will become more difficult. Choosing the perfect FOV will correct these perceptions and consequently make you a better driver with more control over your car and enhance your ability to make the right decisions.

It’s about you in relation to the monitor

The FOV is essentially the position of the camera in the game and that influences your perspective of what is happening. But since you’re looking at the action via a screen, it’s your position in relation to the screen and its size that makes all the difference. You therefore need to measure the size of your screen and your distance from it to calculate your correct FOV.

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