Get creative in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Get creative in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

In Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit only your space and creativity set limits to your tracks.

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit technically contains 24 tracks in eight different cups. In theory, the possibilities are endless, as those are only digital themes added on to your own track creations. What defines the track and its difficulty or fun is determined by how you build it in reality. Watch our video below to get to know how you make the most out of this feature.

Get your stuff together

You can already make a lot with the four cardboard gates and two arrow signs delivered along with the kart. Needles to say, the game gets truly interesting when you add your very own obstacles to your course, though. You can build tunnels with open cartons for example. Also you can employ ramps with cardboard or woodpieces. They shouldn’t be too thick, though, so the karts can reach it with their tires.

Pay attention to how steep you set your ramp. Mario’s or Luigi’s tiny karts don’t have the horsepower to get up every hill out there. Also Nintendo recommends to stay on the ground with the karts. So be sure they can’t fall off the track, when entering higher levels. You can also use furniture or office articles like pen boxes or folders to create (even destroyable) bridges or tunnels.

Doesn't look like it
Doesn’t look like it, but this track is a crazy spiral.

Trajectory defines the track

While obstacles are probably the most interesting feature of a track, the racing line is its basis, defining diffculty and length of your track. The gates only determine the positions you enter and from what direction. You can paint the track almost freely, which offers many possibilities even with the same gate setup. Whether you drive a spiral or wild crossroads is up to you. Remember: The more narrow a track, the more difficult it gets to avoid virtual dangers in-game.

The dangerous cherry on top

Last but not least, you can modify the traits of your gates in-game. More item boxes or rather dangerous fireballs? Maybe summoning Kamek who mirrors the whole vision and steering? These decisions can turn an easy track into a challenge and a challenging track into nightmare. So experiment with different setups for your gates before rebuilding your creation. You might find another fun adjustement.

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