Step it up in MotoGP with AndrewZH

Step it up in MotoGP with AndrewZH

Learn from the best of the best: MotoGP World Champion AndrewZH shows how to get started on bikes.

Photo credit: MotoGP

Beginnings are always hard – especially in esports racing. Fortunately, we won’t leave you hanging! If you’re a virtual two-wheeler enthusiast and have always wanted to get started in MotoGP 20, now is your time. Our tutorial will show you how to fine-tune the game according to your needs – and with 2019 MotoGP World Champion AndrewZH, you have the best coach in the world at hand.

Color outside the lines

Starting the game, MotoGP offers a lot of “helpful” driving assists that certainly make a beginner’s first racing experience less frustrating. However, if you’re planning on really learning something and improving your racecraft, here is a wake-up call: turn off the assist-line! While it may seem unbelievably helpful and you start feeling lost without it, that is exactly the point. Try turning it off and pay close attention to the track instead, memorize where you have to brake and accelerate without that colorful line diverting your attention from the racing. It may be hard at first, but you will see improvements if you keep going.

Following the same pattern, AndrewZH recommends driving with manual shifting instead of the automatic option right from the start. While automatic shifting might let you pay attention to other details about the racing experience, your brain will quickly get used to doing it manually – besides, nailing the timing also makes you significantly faster than the automatic version could. And it’s always better to get started with the faster variant right away.

In addition, various other factors in MotoGP allow you to step up your racing game. To learn all of AndrewZH’s valuable tips, just watch our full tutorial above!

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