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What Cars & Tracks Should You Get on iRacing?


Getting started with iRacing? Don’t know which cars or tracks to choose? Our beginner’s guide from Emily provides you with recommended options and career paths to get you on the right track!

For new players to iRacing, it’s often quite daunting to see all the many types of cars and tracks available to buy and not knowing where to start. It’s like having your favourite food laid out in front of you, opening up Netflix and scrolling through all the many movies and shows, panicking as your food is no longer at optimal temperature and just defaulting to a comfort show you’ve seen many times.

In the case of iRacing, the equivalent of a comfort show is most likely racing the MX-5. But what if you just got promoted out of rookies and wanted to try your hand at other types of racing? Where do you begin? Well there is only one person on our team who could give you an informed opinion, and that’s our resident sim racing esports star Emily Jones!

Being a champion in the Porsche Esports All-Stars on iRacing, Emree is well versed in what content is worth the money on the sim. So watch our video that will guide you towards the best cars and tracks to get on the sim.

How to Decide

As you rank up through all the licences, more and more series will be open to you. Depending on the disciplines you decide to specialise in, there’s a minimum licence grade you need to reach. For example, when they reach class D, single seater fans will gain access to the Formula D races with the iR-04, then Formula C has the Dallara F317.

To learn more about what road series opens up depending on your licence, read here. From there, the cars involved in the series of your choice will be the ones to buy for $11.95 apiece, but the tracks are even more integral.

In a typical iRacing season, there are thirteen weeks of racing. To get iRacing credits, you only need to compete in eight per series every season, so look for the most prevalent tracks on the schedules across multiple series.

What are your favourite cars and tracks in iRacing? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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