What hardware do I need to be competitive?

What hardware do I need to be competitive?

Is a gamepad enough for esports racing? In this tutorial, Max Benecke shows you what hardware you need to be competitive.

Max Benecke is the highest rated iRacing driver in the world. He started his esports racing career from the bottom with just a very simple wheel and pedals. But could a gamepad already be enough to be as competitive as Max? What hardware do you need to rise to the top? Max will tell you in our tutorial!

Precision is key

Max will show you different input devices, starting with a keyboard. With this, you can only give binary inputs. Just imagine you’d only be able to turn your wheel all the way or not at all. Not very practical, right?

The iRacing ace then goes on with a gamepad, which offers more control. You can at least make gradual adjustments with it, still you are not able to feel the car and respond precisely to whatever happens on track.

Max’ advice is clear: If you want to be competitive, you will need a wheel and pedals! But which ones suit you best? What are the minimum requirements and what should you consider when choosing hardware?

Watch our tutorial to find out everything you need to know!

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