Dakar Desert Rally Patches no fixes planned
Image credit: Saber Interactive

Dakar Desert Rally: No Further Fixes & Patches Planned

Developer Saber Interactive will no longer release Dakar Desert Rally patches, as the studio stated just days after the release of the title’s latest DLC.

After a few delays, Saber Interactive finally fulfilled the Dakar Desert Rally roadmap with the release of the USA Tour DLC. This final pack of additional content launched on January 15, including an enormous new map, new stages and treasures. Furthermore, the update included some bug fixes.

Not even two days later, it emerged that no further Dakar Desert Rally patches would be deployed. No more updates, no more fixes for problems that players still encounter. Interestingly, this was not done via an announcement, but rather several answers by Saber Support to Twitter and Reddit threads.

No More Dakar Desert Rally Patches To Come?

Even though the reply embedded above does not fully rule out any more updates, players are understandably not happy with the situation. Saber has not given a reason for this decision yet, either. OverTake/RaceDepartment has reached out and requested a statement on it from Saber Interactive, but at the time of writing this article, we have not received a reply yet.

Dakar Desert Rally originally launched in October 2022. Could the discontinuation of support for the title hint at a successor? It is certainly possible. However, the Dakar game franchise might also not be part of future plans for Saber Interactive, which is part of Embracer Group. Studio and Game Director Paulo Gomes left Saber in September of 2023 to form his own company Paulo Games Productions.

USA Tour DLC coming soon to Dakar Desert Rally
Image credit: Saber Interactive

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