An image of an OverTake liveried car racing at Monaco in F1 22.
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F1 22 Monaco Setup Guide for Wheel and Pad

F1 22

Monaco is the single most unique circuit on the F1 calendar, not to mention the toughest. A good setup is crucial. So, here is our F1 22 Monaco setup guide for beginners.

Let’s face it, the Monaco Grand Prix isn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea. For many F1 22 players, it’s a dreaded monster looming on the horizon of the yearly calendar. However, with the real life Monaco Grand Prix taking place this weekend, there will undoubtedly be some masochists who want to experience the streets of the principality themselves.

So, for you dedicated few, here is my beginner friendly F1 22 Monaco setup guide.

F1 22 Monaco Setup: Aerodynamics and Transmission

When it comes to wing settings at Monaco, the formula is simple: pile on the downforce and reap the rewards. You could run the highest possible settings and get away with it. However, I actually find that a slightly weightier rear end compared to the front lends the car some extra stability on corner exit. Therefore, I recommend running 40-50 wings in Monte Carlo.

An image of the wings setup screen for Monaco in F1 22.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Meanwhile, for your transmission, things don’t really get any more complex. I would suggest going with the minimum 50% on both your on- and off-throttle settings. This gives you the most flexibility and ease under acceleration.

An image of the transmission setup screen for Monaco in F1 22.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Suspension Geometry

Even though Monaco is a circuit like no other, I still find that my usual suspension geometry settings yield the best results. By going with -2.50 and -1.00 on your front and rear camber settings respectively, you will minimise tyre heating and wear, with no real cost.

An image of the suspension geometry setup screen.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Then we have the toe settings. The front toe setting makes very little difference whatsoever, so feel free to experiment with this. I run with 0.05 personally. However, the rear toe setting is at least a little more impactful. I have always found that the maximum value, 0.50 helps with rear end stability. Over a race distance, stability is everything.

F1 22 Monaco Suspension

Here, as with the wings, we need to deviate from the norm. Usually, I prefer a very soft suspension setup. However, at Monaco, front-end responsivity and sharpness is key, particularly for corners such as Lowe’s hairpin. Therefore, I recommend running 8-1 on your suspension settings, to give yourself extra front-end bite.

An image of the suspension setup screen for Monaco in F1 22.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

Onwards to the roll bars. These are quite so important at Monaco as they are at other circuits, but they still matter. I have found that 10-3 gives me the best results and the most faith in my car. However, you should feel free to experiment with these values to find your own comfort zone.

Finally for this section is the ride height. There are a few high kerbs in Monaco, where it’s important to ensure that your car has decent clearance from the ground. Thus, I suggest 7-5 for your ride height settings.

Brakes and Tyres

I have always preferred running the highest possible brake pressure, and usually I couple that with a rearward brake bias. For this F1 22 Monaco setup guide, I recommend the same. Specifically, 100% brake pressure combined with 50% rearward bias is optimal for me. However, Monaco is a tricky circuit and if you find yourself frequently locking up your fronts, consider lowering the brake pressure.

An image of the brakes setup screen.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

As for the tyres, I’ve opted for 24.0psi on the fronts and 22.0psi on the rears. If you find that you are struggling to keep your tyre temperatures down during the race, then lowering these pressures will cure what ails you.

An image of the tyres setup screen for Monaco in F1 22.
Image credit: Codemasters / EA

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