What can we learn from the leaked Forza Motorsport cover?
Image credit: Turn 10 Studio

Forza Motorsport Cover Leaked: What can we Learn?

An email to Xbox Game Pass subscribers recently leaked the Forza Motorsport cover. What does the cover feature and what can we deduce from the image? Here are all the details.

Last night, an email to Xbox Game Pass subscribers featured a few too many details for Turn 10 Studio’s liking. In the “Coming Soon” section featuring games inbound for the Xbox platform was the community’s first sighting of the Forza Motorsport cover image.

Whilst not quite as crucial to a game’s identity as it used to be in the physical copy days of gaming, a cover does provide a number of insights into an upcoming title. That is certainly true to the next FM instalment. Featuring a pair of American racers, the leaked Forza Motorsport cover allows fans to speculate on the game’s car list. Here’s what we know and what we can deduce from this leak.

New FM cars leaked

As many will spot from this latest leak, the Forza Motorsport cover features both the Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh and C8 Corvette E-Ray. Certainly, this means that both models will feature in the game prominently from the get-go.

The C8 generation of Corvette isn’t new to the automotive industry, having released in 2020. But it is new to the Forza Motorsport franchise. In fact, we’ve been waiting so long for this title that a model has had the time to mature before arriving in a new game. What is potentially most intriguing about the line-up present on the cover is the presence of two electric or hybrid models.

In fact, the vehicle placed front and centre on the cover is the new-for-2023 Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh prototype. This endurance racer feature a hybrid powertrain combining a large capacity V8 and an electric motor on the rear axle. A fan-favourite of the new Le Mans racing crop, this surprise announcement to the Forza Motorsport car list will certainly be popular.

Stories Explained and More to Come?

A few months ago, the sim racing community suddenly noticed that a number of cars originally slated to feature in Forza Motorsport upon release were removed from the game’s car list.

In total, there were six models removed: 2018 #44 Audi R8 LMS GT3, 2021 #31 Whelen Racing Cadillac DPi-V.R, 2019 #6 Team LNT Ginetta G60-LT-P1, 2017 #38 Jackie Chan DC Racing Oreca 07, 1983 #11 John Fitzpatrick Racing Porsche 956 and 2019 #70 Porsche Motorsport Porsche 935.

These vehicles were rumoured to feature as part of a post-release DLC pack. But could there be a darker story behind their removal? The latest addition of the Cadillac LMDh racer somewhat replaces the DPI of the same brand. So could the other models featuring on the list of post-release cars also get a more recent equivalent?

When it comes to the Ginetta LMP1 model from 2019, it is certainly a great shame to lose the car from the release day car list. However, the new era of Hypercar racers arriving at Le Mans as we speak. So there may be reason to suggest that another current top class racer could join the FM fray.

The Vanwall team is also a privateer entry, much like Ginetta was in 2019. So perhaps the green Vandervell prototype could make an appearance in the game. Elsewhere, the 2018 Audi GT3 model is far removed from the car that races today. Could an Evo 2 variant replace the older car upon the release day car list?

Forza Motorsport Confidence

This is very much a speculative idea. But, bringing refreshed models to Forza Motorsport rather than relying on previously scanned FM7 cars would be a great way for Turn 10 Studios to prove its dedication to the project.

It’s no secret that during the six-year wait since Forza Motorsport 7‘s release, confidence in the series’ next iteration has dropped. The game’s release has moved more times than one can count and fans of the franchise are no more informed than if they were hiding under rocks. It’s clear that Turn 10 must push to retain its audience’s passion.

Forza Motorsport is scheduled to release later this year, despite an original release window of Spring 2023. It will be available for PC and Xbox Series S and X. So the new generation of Xbox consoles will have its own racing title.

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