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New Rennsport Details from the Rennsport Summit


It has been a long time since a new hardcore sim racing title hit the market. However, the announcement of a new upcoming title named Rennsport has made quite a splash.

Over the weekend from 27-29 May, an event called the Rennsport Summit was held. Content creators, journalists, esports drivers and more from all around the world were invited to Munich, where they were given their first look at the upcoming simracing title Rennsport. OverTake was on the guest list, and we learned a lot about the new game at the event. Here is what we found out about Rennsport.

Rennsport First Impressions

Overall our first impressions of the new game were positive. The way that the game feels puts it squarely in the simracing category, as opposed to an arcade or ‘simcade’ type game. However, while the foundations of a very good simracing title are certainly there, there is an overall lack of grip which some cars struggle with more than others.

When we asked content creator James ‘GamerMuscle’ West about his initial thoughts, he compared the games to other titles. In particular, he felt that the game was reminiscent of rFactor 2, Automobilista 2 and Raceroom more than any others.

NFTs? VR? – The Details we Learned

One phrase from the Rennsport website launch page that had some simracers worried was that which referred to ‘real digital ownership. To many, this implied that NFTs would be a big part of the game. At the Summit, the developers Competition Company stated that if a car wins a championship, the unique vehicle in question will bear an association to that championship victory. Players can then opt to sell the car if they so choose.

While this is still a little unclear, there were plenty of concrete details revealed about the game. For instance, VR support is very much in the works. VR has been a major talking point in the world of racing games for the past few years, so many will be happy to hear that it will be a part of Rennsport somewhere down the line.

What’s more, Competition Company also provided a ballpark within which we can expect the release date. According to the developers, the game will release to the general public in late 2023. This will be after a period of both closed and open betas in the run up to that period.

To find out more about the game, the event itself and to hear from the developers, take a look at our latest video now.

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