1987 PPG Indycar World Series

1987 PPG Indycar World Series 1.0

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Very nice work on this mod.

Compared to the 'modern' Formula 1 cars that the rfactor game includes, these "1987 Indycars" in some way seem more primitive (not as fast acceleration, braking, and as good cornering) but in other ways, they are definitely easier to drive, and seem to have more pronounced engine sounds. They also don't look as sterile and fake as modern F1 cars do also -- these 1987 vehicles seem to be made of steel and the engines catching on fire (when they're crashed) also bears more testament to that...

I wish that the modders had the ability to put visible arms and hands on the steering wheel in the cockpit view -- otherwise these throwback F1 cars are a nice 'alternative' to the rfactor F1 cars which -using the keyboard- are a little too difficult to drive (too many spinouts, oversteer, etc.).
Thank you so much for your feedback :)
Thanks for this nice add to the 80´s Cart series
Thank you :)
the mod is very good ,it's just a shame that the majority of the circuits of the time have not been modded
Thank you :)
Nice work ! Many thanks. :-)
Thank you :)

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