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Very nice job, cant wait for the other Helmets
Low quality.
absolute BANGER mate, really well done :)
Oh my gosh this track is awesome, yes there are things to fix and improve but viewing the IRL footage shows just how good Palanga can be. Bravo to "gvidz" and thank you for sharing with us.
Just awesome! Thank you so much.
Excellent road, great layouts for AI racing and impressive work. Very challenging and fun as a leisurely drive or a competitive race - looking forward to more!
Looks really good, would you mind if I made the N24 version?
This track provides the most fun I've had in a racing game in looooooong time. Bravo!
Really Happy! Thank you
Looks Great! Thank you
looks great perfect for my new drivers career
Fantastic Work Ludwig!! Thank you!
PERFECT! Thank You!
I had this mod for so long, but it seems I never said a big THANK YOU to Stereo for this excellent work. My community will race this car in our next series, starting next week. 100% fun guaranteed!
Great work as always! A Kick Sauber helmet would be amazing
I have this at the screen "AN ERROR HAS OCURRED" CSP 0.2.4

If you have an idea ? thx
Greatest race track, Perfect for GT3's.

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What is the reason for your passion for sim racing?

  • Watching real motorsport

    Votes: 268 68.0%
  • Physics and mechanics

    Votes: 180 45.7%
  • Competition and adrenaline

    Votes: 191 48.5%
  • Practice for real racing

    Votes: 82 20.8%
  • Community and simracers

    Votes: 106 26.9%