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F1 2014 - Higher Cameras! 1.0

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I really like this mod. Even when using other car/interior mods, I have to install this as the final. But I do have a problem. I noticed that with Hamilton, his helmet is fused in the chassis. I tried with the original mod first then installed this and still the same. So far its only hamilton I have seen with this problem. Used Renault, Ferrari, Racing Point and all are good. It is really not a big deal since it doesn't affect the gameplay nor do I even notice it in the actual race because I use the centered TV-CAM (which is awesome) and maybe only if I replay the scene or change camera to the interior then I "look back" just to see his head like passing through the chassis. Could you know the problem exactly and how to go around it? Otherwise, one of the best mods I have seen in RACEDEPARTMENT. Thanks.
Very nice! Thanx!!!
Hello, I would like to know if you can edit the camera's f1 2014 split screen mode? (two players on the same screen offiline)
because the camera is in the very front of the car, would you edit and leave the camera to sort of split screen f1 2012? appearing on the driver's helmet and steering wheel? if so I am very grateful.
Hello split screen is split screen ! play multiplayer in offline mode two players on pc msm ! onbord the camera is very close to the front of the car could be a little farther to see the driver's helmet and steering wheel puts the game to see how u are , Please edit vc manages to come ? if so I'll be very grateful
5 +1 Stars for you buddy ;)
this is good, but i don't have F1 2014 :'(

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