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Forest Rally: Stage 2 (fictional, scratch made, rally stage) 0.91

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Amazing track, super fun and quite easy to master! I love the speed and challenge that this track offers. 10/10
Smooth performance, simple, but detailed and creative.
awesome rally track
Thanks for your work - Mark 2 Escort fun
Awesome track, tested my Skoda 130 RS rally mod on this :) Had a lot of fun with it :)
Amazing, thank you!
AI does not work. They just end up standing there.
Will look into it, in all fairness tho, not really a course for more than 1 person, it's not wide enough.
Awesome! Now it's even better than DiRT Rally :D
Atmospheric and challenging stage, very well done, thank you!!
Very nicely done, one day we will destroy those cardboard cut out freaks!

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