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Nord Snoopy 0.9.8 AI 2014-06-27

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I've tried some differents configurations : GT3, GT2, GTC...(maybe more GT and slick tires) doesn't work : all cars stop at the half of the 1rst lap ; Lotus evora, KTM work well.
Please do the correction if you can, this track is a awesome !
Cote Dazur
Cote Dazur
I wish I could fix it but I have no clue why those cars are stopping where they do. It is specific to that track, there is only on AI for all the cars in AC which usually works or doesn't for all.
no good, cars stop efter half the race.
Cote Dazur
Cote Dazur
Which car? I would love to try it.
It definitly does not work. I tryed it 6 times but the cars did not reach the first corner. The start is a chaos and then they crash from barrier to barrier. After a few seconds all opponents are in pit.
At a certain point in the track, the A.I. just completely stop and then gets sent to the pits with the Corvette DP. Despite this, I appreciate the amount of effort into making this file and it may be the Corvette's wonky AI at work..
Cote Dazur
Cote Dazur
I have not tried it with the Corvette, but all other car I have used it seems to be fine. I have seen the Corvette AI go bad at Imola also, so it might be car related, more than track related.
I played it, and it is fine, thank you very much for share
Cote Dazur
Cote Dazur
Thank you Silvio, glad that you are enjoying it.
sorry but Iv tested it out in a race & all A.I. wuz sent to d pits wrecked in jus 1 lap. I raced against 7 A.I. @ 100% with selective collision turned on. If they can't survive 1 lap den u won't hav a fun race. mayb u could hav dem approach each corner cautiously. I wuz racing with/against Lotus 49.

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