Tor Poznań

Tor Poznań 2.0

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Super odwzorowanie
thank you,i download it now,hope will be run without low FPS on my low pc.
Znakomita robota - DZIĘKUJĘ!
Great job - 1st version was a little too smooth having in mind the real surface of this course - But this is my favorite one. (and the only I had chance to ride in real KTM X-bow...)
This is a professional quality track. Awesome job ! Really enjoying it, thank you !
Great looking track, and very fun to drive. This has become a favorite of mine.
It's very relaxing to drive a Shelby Cobra in this track. Love it!
The best quality mod for AC out there. Incredible quality, great track layout.
This is so good
I love this track
Amazing! This is the best track ever!
Unfortunately it is only track in AC, that gives me low FPS. Can you maybe provide lower resolution textures? Do you think it could help?
superbe circuit, c'est détaillé et le ressenti est bon.
merci au moddeur.
An absolutely amazing work. Beautiful detail and thrall. I however have one problem = the latest update makes the track only work in winter mode. I thought I was having trouble with some PP filter, but then realised the track looks winterish. I tried the previous version without the winter, and then it is fine. Is it me, am I doing something wrong, or is something a bit off, with how the track uses skins. I will try to find a fix in the files comparing old n new, but I'm no modder, just a "normal simracer" If you could please provide some sort of fix to this I would be very thankful. This is probably among the best if not the best AC modded track.
Are you using Content Manager?
Dobra robota ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Absolutely stunning track!
Nice mod
Merci pour cette piste d'une qualité impressionnante
Amazing quality! Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for sharing for free.
Good job :D świetna robota

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