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Vancouver (CART 1998) 2.1

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I am having trouble downloading this mod, there seems to be "MAS" files and I have never seen that before and there is no instructions on what to do or how to get it into the game. Any help would be appreciated and I will fix the rating. Thanks!
I wish there could have been updates to textures or geometry, but anyway, at least we have this track. The AI is absolutely terrible and can't do a formation lap either so it's online-only content.
Track is well done and looks awesome. Unfortunately the AI totally ruin it.......
Patrick Giranthon
I don't master this aspect at All. So I leave AI as it is when I update the track. I Will try to find someone to help me for that ;-)
Thanks abunch for the update. Seems like most of the ai cars clear the outside wall of the final corner now. Just wish the ai on the more powerful cars would take it easy on the throttle coming outta the pits. :p Thx again. FUN track!
Thanks for the update. Fun to drive!
Love this track...nice work :)
THX Patrick
Oh supercool... This is a track i havent seen for awhile. Great fun. Thanks abunch :)

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