F1 Manager 2024’s New Mentality System, Pitbox Order Detailed

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Alongside being able to create a custom team, drivers can now be poached, races can be simulated and trackside detail has been enhanced within F1 Manager 2024.
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When this year’s official Formula 1 strategy title was announced in early March, a new system that purportedly affected driver and team member's mentality was touted alongside being able to create an 11th team.

Details were thin at the time, changing today with an explanation as to how the latest process should work.

The mentality system replaces the morale system, which Stuart Warren, Executive Producer, said was “quite light in its effects on gameplay,” and hinges on three key areas: driver performance, team performance and team principal performance.

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In one example, Esteban Ocon was said to be happy with his current affinity level, but unhappy with the contract bonus and relative performance to his team-mate. Tweaking the contract bonus would, in theory, help his mentality, at the expense of the remaining budget.

Mentality levels are said to have a direct impact on their race day performance and outside of the car – opening the door to being poached by a rival outfit (a new feature) or not completing a car upgrade to the highest standard.

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Balancing which driver receives new parts first is another scenario where this element could also come into play.

“It’s really important to take this whole new layer of management on board and consider it as you play... All the decisions you make will feed into team member's mentality,” said Warren.

Pitlane Re-Ordering​

As you progress through multiple seasons of a career, should you move up or down the teams’ standings relative to the year before, your pitlane garage will be moved into a different position.

This apes the real world, where the pitbox order is based on the prior season's points standings.
F1 Manager 2024 Pitlane Re-Ordering.jpg

Simulate Races​

Last year mid-session saves and swapping teams within the career mode were added. This year, one of the smaller changes is being able to simulate a race.

“People really want to get far into the future and experience an alternate reality, so the ability to simulate races enables that.”

F1 Manager 2024 simulate race.jpg

Additional changes for the 2024 release include the aforementioned driver poaching. Track surfaces look to be rubbered in, when compared to last year’s release, including visible marbles offline. Trackside scenes appear to be more detailed, too.

Finally, for now, Théo Pourchaire and Liam Lawson's faces have been scanned.

Mechanical failures and a revised sponsor negotiation system are also expected but have not yet been detailed. Also missing is a release date, currently pegged at ‘summer 2024’ for PC and console.
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I was unsure of trying last years titles... Motorsports Manager just always seems like a better alternative because it has the features listed in this post...

Maybe this year will make more sense to give it a go...
I was unsure of trying last years titles... Motorsports Manager just always seems like a better alternative because it has the features listed in this post...

Maybe this year will make more sense to give it a go...
Very much a 'wait and see scenario', so far Frontier does seem to be ticking off many requested features.
I still wait for the feature/mechanic to understand the personality of my driver and based on that, decide how to talk to him. Does he need to be calmed down during the race to perform, or should I shout at him to fire him up?

All that exists in Segas Football Manager with million of players, but not ina management game that only features a handful of drivers. Would love for that to be included
Club Staff
A bit immersion-steps here, and a tiny bit of management.

It is still lacking way to much managerial-features though, and looks very much to be yet another Race Engineer game with some management-features sprinkled on top.

Also, isn't that sponsor negotiation system meant for "MyTeam" only?
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