Forza Motorsport: Multiplayer Details Revealed

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Less than two months remain until Forza Motorsport launches, and the latest Forza Monthly has revealed more info on the new title: Executive Producer Chris Esaki highlighted how Forza's multiplayer mode is going to work - and it may be inspired by an iRacing element or two.

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No need to worry, though - the subscription model of iRacing is not one of these elements. What does ring a bell are new Featured Multiplayer, as well as the Driver and Safety Ratings. The latter two are essential in the new online mode, which sorts players into tiers from S to F.

Set Dates and Times​

Featured Multiplayer uses set event dates for a number of spec series based on car divisions, GT, LMP1 and Touring Cars being some examples that were named. It will also feature races for the Open Class - but more on that later. The events have a set time slot, an entry cut-off and feature both Open Practice and Qualifying sessions, the latter offering the player a limited number of laps to set their best lap time for a good grid spot.

Open Practice and Qualfying let players skip a lap if they feel they messed up a run, having them start over immediately - although the skipped lap is a write-off, so the set number of laps will be important to keep an eye on.

This structure is similar to what happens in iRacing: After registering for an event, racers can enter a practice session and hop over to the qualifying session once it is available. They will then race in their respective split according to their iRating and Safety Rating, Forza's equivalent being the Driver and Safety Rating, respectively.

Spec or Open Series?​

The events can be contested either in a spec series, for which all cars that compete are tuned to be as competitive with each other as possible by Turn 10 and Microsoft - essentially implementing a Balance of Performance - without the ability for players to use upgrades on the cars. This should ensure a level playing field. It will still be possible to earn car XP in spec events, however.

The Open Series is basically the opposite: As long as their cars fit the class criteria of the series, players can race anything they like, including upgrades. According to the Forza Monthly, "the Open Series will be rotating through the various car classes on a weekly basis".

Events also change weekly in iRacing, although the sim's system uses pre-determined series with calendars release at the start of each three-month season, so the Forza approach is a bit different in this regard. Still, it should give players plenty of opportunities to regularly race something fresh.

The approach with the Open and Spec Series cannot be found in iRacing per se, as there are no car upgrades to play with, but there are series using open or fixed setups, which effectively works in a similar way - especially since fixed setups are often used in single-car series or ones that are already using a Balance of Performance.

Pit Stops & Private Multiplayer​

Meanwhile, pit stops will also be essential for longer races in Featured Multiplayer, as racers will have to manage their tire and fuel consumption. The penalty system Forza Race Regulations returns in an improved state that is capable of detecting more types of incidents than before. The system can hand out penalties and even disqualifications if racers fail to race in a clean manner repeatedly.

Aside from Featured Multiplayer, private sessions are also going to be present, which allows players to create their own events just the way they like them, including options for mandatory pit stops, penalties, damage, time of day and more. Driver and Safety Ratings are not in effect in Private Multiplayer.

Additionally, the Forza Monthly introduced a new track to the upcoming title's roster: Grand Oak Raceway is going to make its debut in the series once the new Forza Motorsport launches. The relatively simple sub-4 kilometer layout features elevation changes and flowing corners - we also feel a certain similarity to Laguna Seca.

Forza Motorsport is set to launch on October 10th, 2023 for PC via the Xbox Store and Steam, as well as Xbox Series X | S.

Your Thoughts​

With a lot of detail having been revealed about Forza Motorsport's multiplayer, how do you like the approach? Would you have structured the online modes differently? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


I know its best to wait and see, but the footage of the actual game in that video looks (graphically) like someone from a PS3.

It seems very odd they are not using high quality footage for promo.
This isnt a trailer if thats what you were expecting. Test build on a dev workstations dont look the greatest on the best of days
Driver ratings should stop the worst of the griefers that spoiled FM previously, and keeping Open classes can make for some 'interesting' line-ups, as sometimes the fastest e.g. E class round a track might be a de-tuned and downgraded C or even B class.
With that said, though I've spent many, many happy hours in every single Forza Motorsport game (and even some Horizon), and really enjoyed the little cosmetic bonuses I got in each new game given for achievements in prior games, since getting a PC and VR headset I no longer want to play any sim in 2D ever again - on the odd times I've tried not only is it far less immersive, but I simply can't do the lap times I used to. As my lap times in VR are *much* faster this isn't a problem!
And as unfortunately I can't see FM8 ever having VR it will be the first in the series I miss.
Now please prove me wrong Turn 10 :)
Uff why are these scripted PR videos so horrible to watch and only provide minimal information relayed through it? Still hope that the game will be fun though.
I love iRacing MP structure, so looking forward to the release of Forza and getting back into building/tuning vehicles.

I'd really like to see loose surface physics and offroad dirt racing make it into the game.
Ex. RX and Trophy Trucks :)
A game that claims to be absolute realistic, but offers to training or qualifying! GREAT!!!!! :thumbsup:
I hope they will have proper triple screen support and support high end equipment like Heusninkveld without the need to use third party software...
With the state of sim racing these days it's easy to fall for the hype train of something new...

I'll keep an eye on this Forza, but marketing is always marketing tell a truth that hides some lies...
I did not understand a single word about this riddiculous complex mp model....what a joke already....
I know its best to wait and see, but the footage of the actual game in that video looks (graphically) like someone from a PS3.

It seems very odd they are not using high quality footage for promo.
Sorry, I disagree with your opinion about this game's graphics, to me this and Gran Turismo 7 both look great for their respective console graphics standards, but oh well, they're both simcades in terms of handling model, so I'd rather choose Assetto Corsa 2 over Forza Motorsport (2023) and Gran Turismo 7.
Last edited:
Same physics as on Horizon but pure racing? And do you earn money and upgrade like GT4? Or can you do any car/class?

Not the same physics as Horizon.

Looks like you unlock cars you can the customise but can also use cars you don't have unlocked in races.

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