No F1 this weekend, no problem - try these 5 cars

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The 2022 season of Formula One has kicked off with a bang, what we’ve seen so far is extremely positive when it comes to cars being able to overtake each other.

We’ve been spoiled too, with back to back races, but we find ourselves without Formula One this weekend and so here are our five cars to try and hopefully fill a Formula One sized void.

We've chosen cars, that are either part of a base game or available as a small purchase - also, no mods required for this list.

What's your favourite open wheeler and why?

Sim - Automobilista 2​

Car - Formula Classic Gen 3​

This is Reiza’s version of a V10 Formula One car from 1991. With over 700 HP and weighing in at 610 KG, this is a seriously fast car. There’s plenty of aero grip at medium and high speeds, but it can be a bit squirmy under heavy acceleration from slower corners.

The great thing about this era of Formula One, is that the 700 plus horsepower comes from pure grunt and doesn’t suffer from turbo lag. Hear that V10 sing!

F-Classic G3 M2.jpg

Sim - RaceRoom​

Car - Tatuus F4​

RaceRoom has a number of open wheelers that are of a high standard, but one of our favourite cars is the Tatuus F4. The Tatuus F4 is where young racing drivers from prove their talent in order to make their way up the FIA ladder. It only has 160 HP, but don't let that fool you, it is fun and will spin you around before you know it.

Formula RaceRoom 3.jpg

Sim - Assetto Corsa​

Car - Ferrari 312T​

The 312T needs no introduction, driven by some very famous names - Lauda, Reutemann, Scheckter, and Villeneuve. The 312T can be a little bit nervous and can spin you around in a heartbeat with its 500 HP, but start slowly, give it respect and in a very short while you’ll feel like a driving god!

Sim - RaceRoom​

Car - Formula RaceRoom X-17​

The X-17 is RaceRoom’s version of a 2017 Formula One car, but with one massive twist. RaceRoom decided to ditch the hybrid engine and bolt in a screaming V10, which pushes out 950 HP! That means that you can enjoy one of the fastest versions of a Formula One car ever, but a soundtrack that is unheard of in the modern era of Formula One.

Formula RaceRoom x-17.jpg

Sim - Assetto Corsa​

Car - Ferrari F2004​

This car dominated the 2004 Formula One Championship, with 15 wins out of the 18 race season, and 8 one-two wins. The F2004 could sing too, with its V10 engine that would hit the red line at just under 19,000 rpm! The great thing about this car, is you think you are pushing, only to realize a short while later that you've shaved seconds off a lap, only to realize soon after that you’ve shaved off even more time. This car just allows you to push, push, push.

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Sim - RaceRoom​

Car - Tatuus F4​

Good initiative with this thread - but eventhough Im probably in a minority then the Tatuus thing in Raceroom is so much meh meh that I will not return to driving it.
Even my own tiny Toyota IQ 1.33 has more grunt :roflmao:

A much better Raceroom chose is the F-US.
Much better :p
  • Deleted member 217114

The only good games with excellent F1 cars I would think of are AMS 1 & 2. Reiza loves historic content lots.
The AMS2 retro and classic F1 cars are awesome fun. Picking a single car really made me think!
Lotus 72, it's the car from my childhood.
I'm still developing setups for that car!
The F-Classic gen 3 class is definitely one of my favorites for F1 racing, especially in single player with custom ai and skins on historically accurate tracks.

The retro gen3 is great too imo (especially the NA cars), I usually don't enjoy that era too much for racing, but those have enough down force already to work really well for nice wheel to wheel battles
I don't think the 312t is some sort of wild rear happy beast. It's quite a nice drive and the rear gives you plenty of leeway before it really goes. Something like the lotus 49 is a trickier drive at speed.

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