Special RD Podcast Episode With AC Modder Pessio Out Now

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A new episode of the RaceDepartment podcast is out now, featuring an interview with Assetto Corsa mod creator Pessio.

The team of Paul, Davide and Dani are back together for another episode of the RaceDepartment podcast. This time out, the guys are talking with Assetto Corsa modder Pessio.

Among his many creations, Pessio has given us classic race cars such as the De Tomaso Pantera Group 4, an SCCA Trans-Am Series Mustang, and the widely loved RD1 Porknose.

The most recent release from Pessio is the impressive EuroNascar 2021. Cars from Ford, Chevrolet, FJ, and Shadow are present here to recreate the race series. Drivers are challenged with wheel-to-wheel racing on winding circuits such as Vellelunga in a heavy, V8 powered car which uses a 4-speed manual transmission. The cars are huge fun, and rank among Pessio's best work.

Pessio has shared many of his creations here at RaceDepartment including the EuroNascar 2021 pack, so be sure to check out the Pessio's RaceDepartment resource page to see the interesting assortment of cars on offer for Assetto Corsa on PC.

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Great stuff, can't wait to check this out during the week - his cars are absolute highlights of my collection and always has very nice historical choices - case in point his recent WIP pics on Facebook of an Eagle Weslake. Or Hawk Eastriver or whatever it gets called... I hope his bar is going well - got super unlucky with the timing of it with Covid.
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Working on the roadgoing Mini was painless and smooth, I taught him some physics stuff too during the Mini and Porknose and he ended up being able to do an alright job by himself. :thumbsup:

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