Steyr 1108: Possibly The Fastest Tractor In Assetto Corsa

The world of sim racing mods is fascinating - not just because of its authentic recreations, but also wacky, fictional ideas. The Steyr 1108 mod for Assetto Corsa is a mix of both.

When most racing fans hear of a vehicle with slighlty over 400 hp at just 400 kg of weight, they would think of quite a capable car with great handling. In the case of one of the latest Assetto Corsa car mods here on OverTake, they would have to think again, though. How about a racing tractor with these numbers instead?

That is exactly what you are getting with @cbTuned's Steyr 1108 Langegg Racing Team mod. One of the more wacky entries in any AC car library, the tractor is actually based on a real vehicle that runs in a real-life event. Hold on, it gets even crazier.

24-Hour Tractor Race In Austria​

You see, the tiny village of Reingers in northern Austria, right by the border with Czechia, is alive with the roar of tractor engines - racing tractos, that is. Every summer, an enormous amount of tractors turns up to run in the International 24-Hour Oldtimer Tractor race, the Langegg Racing team being one of them. It is their Steyr 1108 @cbTuned has recreated for AC.

The team actually reached out to the modder to recreate their tractor, and so they did. "The whole tractor racing stuff looked really fun to me, so I decided to help them. It took a month to finish the model", they remember.


A WIP graphic of the tractor's model. Image: @cbTuned

Some artistic license has been used for the tractor, however. While the real Traktorrennen Reingers sees competitors race on a mix of gravel, tarmac and dirt surfaces and therefore limits the classes to maximum speeds of 40 and 70 kph, respectively, the AC version of the Steyr 1108 is slightly more capable than that.

Mind you, these speeds are quite fast for vehicles that are often limited to just 30 kph in normal traffic. Doing 70 on a loose, bumpy surface seems quite daunting already. But the Assetto Corsa version of the Steyr has received a bit of a track day treatment, if you will.

Fourth Gear Overdrive, Engage!​

The first three of the four gears get you to the 70 kph limit, but once you shift up to fourth, the Steyr really takes off. If you have enough space - and the start/finish "straight at Brands Hatch is enough already - you can reach north of 170 kph. Quite a scary thing to imagine in a tractor built in 1970.


Ever thought you would see a racing truck rumbling out of the pit lane at Brands Hatch in sim racing? Yeah, neither have we.

Is it realistic? Maybe not, unless the actual tractor only runs in third gear at the real event to make sure it does not exceed the maximum speed. Then again, having an overdrive gear at your disposal that would another 100 kph must be a fun thought when behind the wheel of one of these.

However, to answer the most important question: It is fun indeed! You even have to be careful on the throttle, because simply going pedal to the metal will result in a lot of revs, but not a lot of acceleration, particularly in fourth gear. Letting the revs drop enough after shifting up is crucial for the Steyr to make use of its torque.

And yes, it does also drift, but is quite hard to catch once it does. The tractor will also lift the inside front wheel in corners, so you will experience some considerable leaning in this glorious racing beast. However, if you stuff it into the gravel trap, the traction could be better, we find. Of course, we tried that deliberately and not because we overshot a corner. Obviously.


Who needs four wheels on the ground when cornering, anyway?

Anyway, the Langegg Racing Team's Steyr 1108 is a great testament to how creative and fun the Assetto Corsa modding scene can be. And the Austrian racing scene, for that matter. Now, if only someone could also create the Reingers track used for the 24-hour race, too. Now that would make for a great community fun event.

What do you think about the Steyr 1108 Langegg Racing Team mod for Assetto Corsa? Will you give it a spin? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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