ac track mod

  1. Romeo19

    Tracks Autodromo di Morano sul Po

    Romeo19 submitted a new resource: Autodromo di Morano sul Po - The "Autodromo di Morano sul Po" is an abandoned track in north Italy Read more about this resource...
  2. E

    Crotrack v3 -Split,Croatia 3

    This is my third version. I would be very thankful for any feedback. Also if you want to send me onboard video of hot lap with f1 car (or any other), that would be very useful. Have fun driving! (track is fictional, not in real life, not yet :D)
  3. Alexandr66

    Pacific Coast Highway Enhanced (CM Skin) 1.0

    [GREETINGS] [DATA] YEAR=2021 TRACK_ID=RD release AC VERSION=1.16 (Custom Shaders Patch) ABOUT= Content Manager (CM) skin maded by editing/replacing, color correction of basic textures AUTHOR=Alexander S. [INFO_0] In this skin were edited all road/asphalt, vegetation, terrain textures. Can be...

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