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  1. Martinez_4313

    2024 24 Hours Le Mans AO Racing rexy 1.0

    Little fictional skin made adapting rexy to the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans because right now am I right? the lineup is Seb Priaulx, Gunnar Jeannette, Miguel Ramos based on the 2023 lineups of AO racing: *urd_darche_992_23
  2. perorocino

    AO Racing by TF Sport 2024 Le Mans Lmp2 Spike the Dragon #14 1.2

    Updates done : Changed side mirror color to orange Changed back of the car to black Added Pro Am plate Changed Top driver pod to pink and logo to white Added Oreca Logo to the Front Changed P2 logo size and location Changed german flag to usa flag added tf sport logo IMSA Version ELMS&ALMS Version
  3. perorocino

    AO RACING ELMS/ALMS 2024 SPIKE LMP2 Dragon #99 LOIRE 07 (possible entries) 1.0

    I don't think they will run with spike in ELMS since they Run with TF sport and the car will be black and green and the ALMS entry is sponsored by Orleen so i don't think they will run this skin nevertheless Here they are ELMS and ALMS versions of the AO Racing Spike Separated from the Real Imsa...
  4. perorocino

    AO RACING Rolex Daytona 24H IMSA 2024 SPIKE LMP2 Dragon #99 LOIRE 07 2.0 FINAL

    RAWR My friends after 2 weeks its made =) AO RACING SPIKE IMSA #99 for the URD LOIRE 07 2021 Its not perfect but my daughter was killing me to see car in game so here it is =) ELMS and ALMS versions HERE If you have any ideias need a skin or just want to chat add me on DISCORD ...
  5. perorocino

    Anyone want to help and collab on this? AC Loire 07 Spike Ao Racing

    Im having some problems and time is short to work, so anyone want to colab on this skin? Here is my progres so far
  6. Martinez_4313

    2024 IMSA Porsche 911(992) GT3R pack Glen 1.1

    Glide Back with another pack, this time, IMSA, didn't made lots of them in 2023 like I did in 2022, and anyway, here are they: Note that this pack will be updated through the year with livery changes and possibly the #92, we need to see how stuff goes Ao racing wouldn't be possible without my...
  7. MajkiMajk

    Porsche 963 AO Racing "Spike" #99 1.1

    Hi, Sweet livery from AO Racing 'Spike' is originally from LMP2 Oreca for the 2024 IMSA WeatherTech season. I thought it would look good on a Porsche 963, so here it is. :)
  8. José Mª

    Porsche 992 GT3R - 2023 IMSA AO Racing #80 "Roxy" 1.6

    AO Racing's livery "Roxy" raced in some races of the 2023 IMSA as part of the GTD field. In order to use this skin, make sure you first installed the IMSA pack (this one will raplace Rexy): 2023 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship | PACK Installing with AMS2CM is highly recommended, you...
  9. R

    Porsche 992 Cup AO Racing Rexy/Roxy Pack 1.0

    Everybody loves Rexy and Roxy is coming soon to VIR so I decided to convert these liveries over to the Porsche 992 CUP. Included in this pack is Rexy (green), Roxy (pink), and "Roland" which allows you to select from the in-game color options. Rexy Roxy Roland
  10. D


    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT MY WORK. I have simply just tweaked a bit of the colour to make it look closer to the real life car. All credit goes to Charles Amyouni for creating the skin. If there is anything wrong with the skin, please let me know and I will try to fix it.
  11. AsadoMagico

    WEC | AO Racing - Project 1 Monza Livery | URD Darche EGT 2021 1.1

    This weekend AO Racing decided to race with a red livery while Rexy is busy in IMSA, and here it is for your game. Enjoy it. With an almost entirely new lineup the drivers are: E. Castro, G. Oliveira, M. Cairoli Especial thanks to @Martinez_4313 for letting me use some of his stuff, go check...
  12. Charles Amyouni

    2023 AO Racing (REXY) Porsche 992 GT3 Rawr v1.0

    Requires United Racing Design's 2023 Darche 992 GT3R car to work. Mirror Download: File is safe, everything else is false positive...
  13. MajkiMajk

    Porsche GT3 R #80 AO Racing IMSA 2023 12h 1.3

    Hi, New Porsche from IMSA 2023 Drivers: PJ Hyett, Sebastian Priaulx and Gunnar Jeannette

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