1. dododis

    CD coverart upscale to x2, x4 and x8. 1.0

    CD coverart upscale: x2 --> 1024x1024.png x4 --> 2048x2048.png x8 --> 4069x4069.png
  2. John A Chamberlin

    ZZ Top Greatest Hits CD coverart 2018-10-31

    This is my first modification for My Summer Car, and my first upload to racedepartment. I decided to share my custom ZZ Top CD album art for the game.
  3. M

    Verbatim CD 2018-06-10

    Hi everyone! I made texture, replacing default CD to Verbatim. Hope you like it ;) It looks like this:
  4. D

    CD Games Coverart Collection

    Hello Everybody! I recently made some Coverarts for the CD in My Summer Car and i thought to my self that i should make these public so everybody can use them. I also try to make more of them but don't know for which game or album i should base these Covers from so i am open for any...
  5. TexanForLife

    Grunge/Various CD Cover Art Textures 2018-04-28

    The early 90's were mostly about Grunge for me, so I decided to make some period correct CD cover art using the wonderful CD Player Enhanced mod by piotrulos. I'm not sure if these will be of any use to anyone, but on the off chance they are, I thought I would upload them. Bush - Sixteen Stone...
  6. BeLoCH

    Zhora vypada vsechno lip CD coverart 2018-03-18

    Zhora vypada vsechno lip CD coverart.
  7. P

    Parhaita settejä Suomesta. Finnish coverart 1

    A CD coverart which I made. Don't take it too seriously :D. Got those songs also but I don't know is it legal to upload them? But you can put your own 80s and 90s finnish songs too.

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