1. Racer_Eevee

    1960 Le Mans Austin Healey Sprite skin 1.00

    skin not 100% Accurate but its got the main stuff Adaptation for the Sebring sprite falcon that raced at le mans 1960 Result - 1st in class (16th overall) Link to car used - https://www.mediafire.com/file/c7e7ac3smkxi6pb/austin_sprite_race.zip/file
  2. V8Skinner

    FVRetrogamers - 2009-2011R V8 Supercars Series Skin Pack for FVRFactor 1.0

    FVRetrogamers is a club that loves V8 Supercars and that likes to reproduce the V8 Supercars seasons from the past years, from 2003 to nowadays and as close to reality as possible. Therefore, we created this expansion pack that faithfully reproduces the 2009, 2010 and 2011 V8 Supercars Seasons...
  3. dante04317

    Mumbai Falcons FIA F3 Asia Skin 1.0

    This is a skin of Mumbai Falcons competing in FIA Formula 3 Asia. This skin Includes both drivers Kush Maini and Jehan Daruvala. Installation: Just drag the zip into content manager or extract the zip into the assettocorsa directory. You need have the free Formula 3 V6 by Race Sim Studios...
  4. A

    Ford Falcon V8 supercar DJR Penske Shell V power racing team 2020-06-18

  5. BennoC

    Skin Pack Uncle M AVRP XY Falcon 0.9

    Was going to wait until I did 10 skins for this one, but COVID closed the bloody NSW Library (great historic racing reference material) so I'm running out of pics to reference the skins against. Some Bathurst & some regular ATCC from the early 70's Probs more to come
  6. Doyzza

    V8 Supercars 2000s

    I am sharing this fantastic mod in hopes that some other people will maybe take interest and paint up some cars. I've tried my hand in creating a few, but the quality isn't great and feel I've reached my limit in terms of ability. My focus has been on the Ford Falcon AU and the Holden Commodore...
  7. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) 1972 ATCC Super Falcon Tribute 0.5

    Tribute skin, as the model would need to be edited to achieve the right look with bonnet, guards, grill and wheels. I've always like the simple livery that Geoghegan ran on his Falc
  8. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) McKay Skin '71 Bathurst 3rd Overall 0.5

    3rd release is the 3rd place car in the 1971 Hardie Ferodo 500 - Finnie Ford GTHO driven by David McKay For the AVRP mod from Uncle M
  9. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) Moffat Skin '71 Bathurst Winner 0.5

    Another skin for Uncle M's AVRP race pack XY Falcon Please note the skin won't work on the Street or S1 versions Cheers
  10. BennoC

    AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) Barnes/Skelton Skin '71 Bathurst Runner-up 0.8

    Second go at my first skin. Found some better pictrues to refine the livery with adjusted scallops, pin-striping, and some missing sponsorship Make sure you have the AVRP version of the mod, not the street or S1 version Cheers,
  11. Baron3105

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Black Falcon BES 2019 #4, #6 1.1

    Hey, today i have for you skins from BES, this is the two black falcons mercedes If you like my work you can donate me ;) My biggest thanks to: - Isaac Chavira for Blancpain GT series flag if you found any mistakes let me know in support session Skins done in 2K and 4K Yelmer Buurman ...
  12. Baron3105

    Mercedes AMG Black Falcon BSS 2019 #4 1.0

    Hey, today i have for You a skin from Blancpain Sprint Series If you like my work you can donate me ;) My biggest thanks to: - Isaac Chavira for Blancpain GT series flag and numberplate if you found any mistakes let me know in support session Skin done in 4K Maro Engel , Luca Stolz...
  13. D

    Ford Falcon SuperV10 2018-01-26

    This is a private project that is giving me so much fun and enjoyment that I wanted to share it with somebody lol DISCLAIMER: I DID NOTHING FROM SCRATCH. This is a cut and paste physics from many other mods on rfactor, and the cut and paste was spreaded on many different versions that I don't...

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