ferrari 330 p4

  1. D

    ferrari 330 p4 goodwood 2006 1.1

    a basic skin using photos from Goodwood Revival 2006 as reference. Missing a couple of small details and the tyres are probably wrong.
  2. JawnKwan

    8 Ferrari 330 P4 skins 1

    I made these rather quickly please forgive any inaccuracies... Please enjoy The original car is from assetto-DB.
  3. W

    power Ferrari 330 P4 1.0.0

    The car is from Ac legend's Prototypes pack
  4. H

    Ferrari 1000th GP livery for 330 P4, 250 GTO, 312/67 1.0

  5. carmar

    Ferrari 330 p4, Muessener, No. 252, 2k+3k+4k v1.0

  6. Davide Nativo

    Car Vs Car: Ferrari 330 P4 versus Ford (GT40) MkIV

    Which one gets your heart racing? Everybody knows about these two; everyone has either read about them, heard about them or saw them directly in action, back in the day or during one of the many revival festivals that are held now around the globe for vintage and classic racers. The Ferrari...
  7. shadow118

    Ferrari 330 P4 Compact Pussycat + Pink race suit 1.1

    When I first saw this car, it reminded me of that old cartoon Wacky Races. More specifially - the Nr. 5 car called "Compact Pussycat", driven by Penelope Pitstop. This skin was made as a bit of a nostalgia trip, since I grew up watching those cartoons. If you're looking at it from a classic...
  8. Nico

    Ferrari 330 P4 - Skin pack 1.4

    This pack includes 10 skins, of which seven are created by me and three are from the game, but with driver information added. I chose one driver for each car to avoid clustering names on the leaderboards of races against the AI. They were initally intended to replace the default red skins with...
  9. Bobby Pennington

    AC 60's LMP @ Road America - Thu 05Oct17

    Welcome to 4 weeks of celebrating one of the most iconic names in motorsports, Ferrari. 70 years of making some of the finest road and track cars in history. This week it's a historic race between manufacturers....Ferrari, Ford and Porsche at Road America. Drivers, since this is a multi...
  10. Paul Jeffrey

    Introducing the Ferrari 330 P4 of Assetto Corsa

    Scheduled for release as part of the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration DLC, check out the introduction video for the legendary Ferrari 330 P4 - coming soon to Assetto Corsa. Releasing alongside six other iconic Ferrari models, the 330 P4 has a long and impressive heritage in endurance...

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