1. carlo2306

    ACFL 2024 Mercedes W15 Andrea Kimi Antonelli Skin 0.5

    Mercedes W15 Kimi Antonelli Livery What I did: -Kimi Antonelli Number If you want to give me a coffee I will always be grateful! paypal.me/CarloVittori
  2. Zakx

    McLaren Skin Formula predator PC010 2019 2022-10-16

    Maybe a little bit imprecise, but i find this too cute You can download the car here in the mod section of the shop: https://speedroom.racegame.it/index.php?wsp=store#!
  3. DarXtreme

    VDesign Racing Griiip G1 1.0

    Here it is my first livery on the renewed RaceDepartment, a livery for the lightweight formula Griiip G1 by ASR Formula, originally created for "The art of speed" contest by Fiverr. To install the skin, put the folder inside Assettocorsa/content/cars/griiip_g1/skins. If you like my work, please...

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