1. Bitto69

    Ford SIerra rs500 grA rally 0.8

    My new engine sound for: Ford Sierra RS500 grA Haguenau by simtraxx: all files are created by bitto69 with real videos from...
  2. safi hellie

    Alfa 75 team caltex skin 2019-09-27

    just getting into skinning so not amazing but can bolster grids.
  3. L

    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Pack 3.11

    Welcome to the version 3.0 of the RS500 Pack ! This mod enters in a new era as we’ve reworked all cars to make them more closer to the real thing. Because AC is more than ever a great sim in 2020 (with CM, Shader light Patch and SOL), we want to update this mod to another level. I work...

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