1. Johnny23

    BMW M1 / IMSA GTO 1981 / Riverside 6 Hours 1.0

    Download latest M1 E26 Version 2.8 from GTP You can delete the skins that are already included in the Mod from GTP (those are the old skins) , but you don't have to, all new and revised ones will be uploaded here, one after the other, with the correct settings for CSP and model. I wanted...

    HKS Audi 90 GTO (fictional) 1.0

    HKS Audi 90 GTO (fictional) by Skyline Design You will need the following mod for this skin to work, ARC Auriel 90 GTO by Virtual Racing Cars Install the file into this location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars bop version is also included Be sure to check out...
  3. EmeraldRegice

    GTO SKIN PACK 1 1.0

    HI!!!!! THANKS FOR THE LOVE OF THE 3000GT, THE LITERAL AND ONLY CAR BY MITSUBISHI EVER WORTH DRIVING, EVERYTHING ELSE IS GARBAGE!!!!!! I got 3 new skins for this car which can be found here (i have no other way to describe the car): https://***************/mitsubishi-gto-twin-turbo-wangan-1996/...
  4. deCarera

    VRC Auriel 90 GTO livery pack (Update) 2.1

    Update now has a full set of 16 period inspired liveries including several of the teams Audi raced against in 1988 and 1989. These include the 1988 Mac Tools Merkurs, 1989 Strohs Cougars and a period Nissan livery. Installation instructions remain the same as before. This is the closest to a...
  5. Johnny23

    3K -BMW M1- IMSA GTO 1981, 6 Hours of Mosprt 1.0

    !!!Please use this E26 BMW M1 Procar Mod from DaWallace available at GTplanet, it also inludes many skins from me. or Direct Link...
  6. Alguecool

    9 Skins pack for Mazda RX7 GTO 1.0

    Hi ! Here we are, yet another skinpack. The really good and beautiful Mazda Motorsport RX7 GTO converted to AC by PedroBLR comes along with only her basic skin, which is a shame and unusable for racing purpose, so now it has reasons to go play with the other puppies thanks to 9 new skins ...
  7. deCarera

    1994 Mustang Cobra IMSA GTO 1.01

    Fascinating coincidence that Kikisvk and I were both were working on a Marlboro livery simultaneously without knowing. Guess I'll have to race against his now, lol
  8. I

    Ken Block #43 Skin for VRC 1989 Auriel GTO 1

    It's a shame Ken Block couldn't drive the 1989 Audi 90 IMSA GTO when he was at Audi Tradition a while back. So why not take his 2021 livery and put it on the VRC Auriel GTO mod?
  9. rF2 - St Petesburg - Toyota Celica GTO - 100% AI race 2

    rF2 - St Petesburg - Toyota Celica GTO - 100% AI race 2

    Actually I did a second race with the Toyota at St Petesburg...
  10. chrisi2174

    ARC - Chevrette 28GTO Camaro Z28 (VRC-mod) Skinpack 3.0

    PayPal.Me Real car info or pictures here VRC Mod here in version 3.0 two new Skins Valvoline and Hooters overwrites the old files!!!
  11. A3DR

    Kunos Ferrari 288 GTO metallic paint colors 1.0

    Three different colors that were available on other Ferraris from 1984 with metallic flakes Black with red stripes, red interior accents Light blue metallic Silver with red interior, black rims Paint detail:
  12. MajkiMajk

    GT CUP Championship number plates 1.0

    Hi, this is my first nr. plates so I hope u like it.

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